EA Sports UFC Live Stream at 5:00PM today!


Think you can step to us, breh?! At 5:00PM PST, Dave and Chris will stream this week’s biggest release, EA Sports UFC and their in-game creations will battle in the Octagon!

Head to Laser Time’s Twitch channel (subscribe if you haven’t), read Dave’s EA Sports UFC review on GamesRadar, challenge Chris (AnisJustice) on Xbox Live, and get ready for a new form of underwear fighters!

Watch live video from LaserTime on www.twitch.tv

6 thoughts on “EA Sports UFC Live Stream at 5:00PM today!

  1. You guys should put dates in the description! Im guessing this is for 6/18 based on the fact i’m the first to comment and the post is from 11PM. I guess another solution would be to update the way your post timestamps work.

    1. Good point! I should also ping Chris about getting these to display the Pacific Standard Time posting time instead of whatever time zone these represent right now. This was actually posted 15-30 minutes before we went live. We’ll have a YouTube link soon enough, but you can watch the Twitch.tv archive here now:


  2. Missed it but sounds like the time issues are being addressed. Since you guys have played it; is Don the predator Fry in it? No joke big fan of Dons and he was in the last undisputed but that was THQ and not EA. Love these streams and love to chip in on the chat when I can.

      1. Thanks for the fast reply. Maybe dlc with Gary big daddy Goodridge, Ken Shamerock and Don Frye sporting a next gen magnum pi belly tickler.

  3. Keep the streams coming! My internet doesn’t allow live watchings but I watch them when they get posted to youtube.

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