8 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #27 – You’re Future Endeavored!

  1. I think two podcasts per month is a good compromise. Do the typical PPV wrap-up then a couple weeks later discuss a special topic a little more in-depth than time permits in the standard podcast.

    Hope to see Brett on more often but this is a good group of hosts with Chris providing color for Dave and Henry’s play-by-play. The only question is which one of you is Cole and who is JBL?

  2. I fully realize how racist it was, but I really enjoyed Michinoko and Funaki’s whole “dubbed voice” gimmick.

    There’s only so much you can do with a wrestling storyline when someone doesn’t speak english. It was a funny workaround, and Funaki saying something long in Japanese and going “Indeeeeeed” always got me.

    Again, fully acknowledging that it’s racist. Still enjoyed.

  3. Great episode guys as always. Now back to watching clips of vader on boy meets world till the next cheap popcast arrives.

  4. I remember I few years ago during their last great big ‘culling’, I was playing the at the time new WWE game that had just come out, only to have my friend keep going “he’s gone, he’s gone, he’s also gone…”, that they had let them go before the release of the game.

  5. I think a good theme for a future show would be a life styles of the rich and famous as pertaining to wrestlers and their entrances. I think Glaciers cost half a million due to the blue lasers and real snow that would fall from the rafters. Wonder if Ed Boon ever sued wcw since Glacier was a poor mans subzero in a singlet. Just an idea thanks.

  6. I remember Chris saying in a stream that he doesn’t really care for modern wrestling. Someone should force him to watch that Ziggler/Barrett match from RAW and lets see if he still feels that way.

    I don’t know if anyone else is interested, but I’d love to see longer cheap popcast’s with “top 10” lists, like top 10 tag teams and such.

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