The Best TV Show Theme Songs Reimagined to Absolute PERFECTION


One man’s ridiculous YouTube quest to improve television’s most iconic intros is unquestionably the greatest thing on the internets…

If you’re a regular Laser Time listener, you know we’re huge fans of TV show theme songs. Or at least we thought we were, because our devotion doesn’t hold a fucking candle to dotflist. This YouTube songster deserves the web equivalent of a Nobel Prize, as he’s taken it upon himself to reinterpret the theme songs of several dozen television shows with wholly original jams that could’ve easily found their way into the Drive soundtrack. And wouldn’t you know it? Each and every one isn’t a marked improvement!

Below are some of our favorites, but you should see them all soon before a handful of corporations ruin the fun with their inevitable YouTube copyright flags.


Standout Lyric: “Doug, don’t feed me that bullshit about what you want/Doug, don’t fuck with you’re family, they’re all you got.”

Are You Afraid of the Dark

Standout Lyric: “Are you afraid of the dark/Are you afraid of me?”

True Detective

Standout Lyric: “True Detective/ He is the man of your dreams. True Detective/He’s everything that you need”

[Already unembeddable, Click here to see that shit]

Darkwing Duck

Standout Lyric: “He takes the filth off the streets/And brings it home to the sheets/Darkwing Duck, you are my baby/So please use your gadgets on me”

Salute Your Shorts

Standout Lyric: “Fuck the military industrial complex/Ron Paul is the one true God/… Salute Your Shorts”

The West Wing

Standout Lyric: “The West Wing, I would change my life for you/Mr. President, I’ll do it/The West Wing, I would give my life for you/And soon I’m gonna prove it”


Standout Lyric: “Never getting older/They stay small/But they keep getting smarter/We watch them evolve”

Sanford and Son

Standout Lyric: “Sanford and Son/You pick up the pieces/But you’re never done”

Malcolm in the Middle

Standout Lyric: “Malcolm…/Stuck in the middle until someone dies/We’re all in for a big surprise/Show them how cruel you can be”

The Simpsons

Standout lyric: “Perpetual life inside of a fake town, You’re the Simpsons/Cartoon troubles turn you upside down, You’re the Simpsons”

Ah, it’s like a walk down memory lane that never existed! Seriously, catch ’em all before the suits get uppity.


15 thoughts on “The Best TV Show Theme Songs Reimagined to Absolute PERFECTION

  1. Things like this makes me wish this sorta thing was better protected under copyright law and rights to parody but that line is so grey that generally Youtube cowers and removes the vids.

    1. fuck, the Game Of Thrones theme is a brilliant little synth pop tune. this guy has potential, and I hope he continues writing music

    1. GI Joe, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Game Of Thrones and now Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlea aughta be fleshed out 3-4 minute songs so I can listen to them all the time

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