Vidjagame Apocalypse 69 – Because Butts


We’ve been teasing this one a long time, and now Anne Lewis at last has the floor to recognize her five favorite (male and female) in-game butts. This is real, people. We’re doing this. Hang on to your butts, etc. Oh, and then stick around as we talk about some of this week’s new game releases, try to identify more Steam games based on their reviews, and talk about which characters you’d love to see gender-swapped.

Question of the Week

Out of all the butts you’ve had to stare at in games, which was your favorite?



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39 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 69 – Because Butts

  1. QOTW – Boy that’s a tough one, Miranda’s got a lot of viewage time from Mass Effect. Also Lara Croft’s in the latest Tomb Raider. I also remember staring a bit too much at the butts from the Dead or Alive Volleyball screenshots that were in OXM 10+ years ago.

  2. I wish they had made Jack have more of an ass! She would have been the super hot rival for Miranda. CAT FIGHT!!!!

  3. I have a certain fondness for Solid/Naked Snake’s gluttonous maximus and especially enjoyed Ground Zeroes for the ampleness of Big Boss’ butt filling out that sneaking suit. Age hasn’t slowed you down one bit, meow.

  4. My character from saints row, A gigantic, fat, red ass on a man with a beautiful hitler stache is hard to beat.

  5. Despite your cover image for the episode, Miranda is too bland and obvious, like all human romances, ego I’d go for the gloriously ambiguous behind of Tali instead. For all we know she doesn’t have one and it’s just apart of her suit but for what we see…

  6. I was the ripe age of 15 when Code Veronica hit the Dreamcast. My big takeaway from that game involved staring at Claire’s denim derriere the whole time. Just now I googled it, and theres absolutely nothing special about her diminutive butt. Now I truly understand the power of a child’s imagination.

  7. XD
    the “butts are like” conversation was the most hilarious thing I’ve heard in a while. Especially when Anne said butts are like Mt Doom.

  8. QOTW: As I believe Anne has said in the past, Batman’s ass from the Arkham games. It’s rendered in all its Kevin Conroy/ Unreal Engine goodness and the cape loves to make it visible whenever you’re running.

  9. One of your best episodes, the Steam quiz was great, and all that butt talk was hilarious. You guys are great.

    1. Also, I once knew a guy who said he had to stop playing Mass Effect because he was uncomfortable with how the camera focused on Male Sheps ass when he ran.

  10. Id have to go with that sweet oh so sweet cro-magnon Badonkadonk on Bonks. Really what happened to this forgotten turbo graphics 16 spokesperson? Heard a rumor he was running a used car lot in Denver with Aero the Acrobat.

  11. I’m sorry, I gotta say Tali’Zorah of Mass Effect. I know that ass is love it or hate it but dat sexy gypsy accent and her very adorable moe personality has made her a bit of a favorite for me and my droogs.

  12. Leliana from dragonage is the one that comes to my mind. She had such a great curvy figure. Glad to hear you back Anne. The pater between you and the guys is what makes this the best podcast. Happy birthday!

  13. The most memorable butt in a video game for me has to be from Actua Soccer on PS1. While I was not really attracted to butts at the time, I remember very clearly my sitter (not “babysitter” because I was 12 goddamnit) once asking me if I thought the players’ butts were cute. I told her “No way, they’re men!” to which she replied “so what? a cute bum is a cute bum!” and I have been more accepting ever since.

  14. My favorite butt isn’t actually in a video game. Well, maybe you could say it’s in an arcade of sorts.

    It’s Chris’s grandma’s butt.

  15. Fran from Final Fantasy XII…
    Oh my jesus.
    Hot, over 6-foot chocolate bunny-girl wearing a battle thong and partial see-through clothing.
    “I always knew Fran didn’t take well to being tied up.” -Balthier, commenting on Fran’s berserker episode in Final Fantasy XII

  16. Best butts? The Elites from Halo, specifically Halo: Reach.

    Wort. Wort.

    Bonus points for dem hooves.

  17. Mikel admitted to being turned down in his sex dreams and Chris didn’t immediately try to interpret it. What happened to you guys?

  18. I am gonna have to say that Lara crofts butt from the reboot is pretty damn good. not only is her butt of comely shape but it is also prominently framed in ever shot ever. whether you are climbing a latter or taking cover from machine gun fire that but is always there to give you something to look at.

  19. By far, the BEST butt in all of games is Bayonetta’s. When the demo first hit XBLA, I downloaded it right away but was underwhelmed and kind of forgot about it. After hearing you guys go on and on about how you loved it so much and reading the GR article of all of Bayonetta’s easter eggs, I finally got it cheap used. In the first level, Bayonetta, dressed as a nun, murders about a hundred or so angels in a cemetery and has her outfit torn to shreds (with each slash accompanied by a highly sexualized moan). One such slash goes straight across her butt revealing its perfectly symmetrical glory. It was at that moment, I was hooked. I couldn’t stop playing it, and when I was done, I bought it new to throw something Platinum Games’ way. I’m just now playing through it for the third time, and it all started with those two perfect spheres.

  20. personally i have not a favorite game character ass, however being very much into the animu i must bend the rules and pick a character who has been put into a game who started in an anime. in the new jojo’s bizarre adventure game i would have to say jolyne cujoh especially when you put in dat sweet extra time to get all dem extra outfits

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