Laser Time – Who is Immortal?


From Superman to Gandalf to Jason Vorhees, there are many iconic characters that will live forever, but who is truly impervious to death?! Join your pals at Laser Time as we question the mortality of EVERYONE…


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28 thoughts on “Laser Time – Who is Immortal?

  1. From what Ive gathered from things like Highlander, and X-Men “Immortal” implies you don’t physically age or do so with no effects however you can be killed usually it’s VERY difficult. I cannot die whatsoever is “Eternal”.

    1. …speaking of X-Men “clears throat” Ice-Man is basically unkillable even more so than Wolverine seeing how he can restore his body even if blown up in human form, he once exploded while human, shifted into a gas form, went from gas to liquid and from liquid to solid so him twice being killed by Sentinels was bad writing. ALSO the fact that Kitty Pryde a character who can’t really be physically harmed never fights is…OK I’m done joking around about the (awful)X-Men movies.

  2. Another interesting topic, glad to have a new episode back (though I don’t mind the re-runs as much as everyone else seems to)

  3. Cant wait to listen to this episode once I get off work. From the title alone I can tell its going to be barn burner. My own personal list of things that cant die or wont.

    1. Alexander on blu-ray since it has been re cut and released like 34 times this year.
    2. The last copy of Never Dead siting in a bargain bin at my local best buy (4.99)
    3. Shia Labeouf and TMZ coverage.
    4. Clint Eastwood!
    5. Artie from Pete and Pete, he is the not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need. Please someone make that T-shirt.

    1. Also like to add Stallone’s body is definitely imortal! When he dies, they are going to cryo genially freeze his abs ala Ted Williams and re-animate them one day when HGH is legal. Guy is in his 70s and still looks beter than most guys in hollywood in their 30s. He deserves a lasertime “Hey Yo” Chris.

  4. I’m sorry Henry, but since you’ve just insulted the first Highlander movie we must now fight to the death.

  5. One thing that always keeps me from enjoying American comics is that there are like 10 different people who are all writing one comic. All these people who write different superman comics or different captain america comics makes it so hard to get into. On the topic of gods and death, Shin Megami Tensei says that as long as we have faith in them, they will continue to exist. Old religions like Zoroastrian or Gnosticism had their own pantheons, but no one cares about them. That’s why you won’t see characters like Abraxas or Ahura Mazda in most forms of media, outside of Shin Megami Tensei.

  6. this was an excellent episode! wall to wall content on a topic I honestly never thought about, but really found interesting. you guys have to do a follow up one day, because across all media and well into videogames there must bea TON of immortal beings.

    being immortal sounds terrifying, like you would live so long you would literally see the end of the universe’ existence. there would eventually be nothing to live for once the last stars burned out. well, except maybe trying to find out what’s on the other side of a black hole. WEEEE!

  7. I saw John Carter a couple years ago; I actually liked it quite a bit. That movie wasn’t nearly as bad as the box office numbers/lack of buzz suggested.

    Granted, I haven’t seen the movie since my initial viewing, but I would probably still dig it if I watched it again.

  8. oh yes! This seems like a super interesting topic. To be honest I was feeling a bit lost with all the past few episodes being filled with pop culture. Not that I’m complaining but since I’m a “youngin” I very easily got lost with all the topics having to do with movies/actors/ cartoons I may or may not have seen. This just seems like a more to the roots general topic.

  9. Ohhhhhhhhhh Chinese Ninja Warrioooor!

    I loved this episode.

    Don’t be hatin’ on Highlander Henry!

    Who waaaaants to liiiiiive forever!

    1. I kept wanting to come here and post corrections every time Chris started talking about a character, but almost every time, Henry was on the spot with the correction and the real scoop.

    2. LotR clarification, the 5 wizards, Sauron and the Balrog are all part of the same race of beings called Maiar. They’re basically Middle-Earth’s version of angels.

      The 5 wizards have just been given physical bodies by the gods to fight against Sauron. And their physical bodies can die, but, as happens with Gandalf, the gods can just give them a new body and send them back.

      Sauron and the Balrog are basically fallen angels.

    3. On the subject of Vandal Savage, iPowers spoilers ahead.

      Detective Walker is basically Vandal Savage. There’s no meteorite, but he was basically a caveman, actually, worse than that, he was an apeman, that developed powers and became immortal.

      The big difference between him and Savage though, is that he doesn’t remember everything. Basically, his memories only go back as far as a normal human’s lifespan. So while he’s millions of years old, he only remembers about a century back at any given time.

      I remember when they finally basically went into his origin story, like, 3 volumes into the series, and it was just so insane and out there, I loved it so much.

  10. Pretty fun episode ^^ The discussion around what means to be immortal and what counts or not was super interesting to listen to!

    It also brings to light the issue that IMO, immortal or night invincible people works at their best when they are side-characters, or at least when the story focuses on the repercussions or living forever or being unable to die. Otherwise, it can be pretty dull to follow or battle a guy who can never be killed.

  11. Also the resurrection stone
    Also Im glad you guys picked a single broad topic and discussed multiple media/characters qualification, lets do this again, makes for a good listen.

  12. Just to clarify G1(cartoon, 1984-1987) Starscream was killed by Galvatron in the 86 movie and later returns in the cartoon series and Beast Wars as a ghost.

    Transformers Animated (a different cartoon, 2007-2009) was the one with clones and the Allspark fragment imbedded in his forehead. He was in fact immortal.

    Watch him die often and hilariously:

    Basically every transformers toyline, cartoon series & comic series is it’s own rebooted continuity (with exceptions of course)

  13. Would Monster Girl from Invincible count? Anytime she transforms, if she’s not wearing the special belt Robot made for her, she de-ages.

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