Cheap Popcast #28 – Stardust in the Bank


Dave, Henry, Grimm, and Brett chat about the insanity and predictability of Money in the Bank before goofing on more mid-90s promotional copy from wrestlers. In between those segments, Dave discusses his thoughts on Raw’s many returns.



12 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #28 – Stardust in the Bank

  1. I hope Battlegrounds is a little more flexible about what they can do. Cutting from the match to showing Stephanie HHH angry felt off, and I don’t think THE AUTHORITY VS. CENA really works because he’s not an underdog like Bryan.

    Cena vs. Bryan though would be a good match because I honestly don’t know who would win, (i.e. Who WWE would want to hold the belt.) If that match happens they probably won’t let that match have a clean finish. So my WAY early guess is Cena beats Bray Wyatt or (Bryan if he does get cleared early) but loses to Seth Rollins as he cashes in His Money IN THE BANK at Battlegounds.

    1. Plan B is Brock Lesnar.

      He’s going to be fighting Cena at Summer Slam you can almost guarantee it.

  2. Personally I wasn’t a fan of this PPV. I’ll pose a question though, is it worth going to a house show (I think that’s the right term) for someone who only started watching this year?

    1. I went to my first house show last year despite watching wrestling since I was a child. It depends on what you’re looking for. If you expect to see high-flying, crazy action… don’t go. If you just want to see the wrestlers you watch on TV, then yea it’s fun. House shows are very relaxed, the objective is purely to entertain the audience and more often than not you’re going to see some strange stuff you wouldn’t normally see on TV.

    2. Always go to RAW; anything can happen
      Only go to Smackdown if the card looks decent, I’d just get cheap seats tho cause SD usually blows
      Only go to house shows if the main event looks entertaining to you, since house shows are not canon and sometimes weird things happen

      Hell, my first house show was earlier this year in March at MSG and I got to see Batista & Cena vs Orton & Bray

    1. I was so panicked I couldn’t type right I meant Cody Rhodes not Dusty…or “Gusty” as us cool people call him.

  3. Stardust is legitimately amazing. God damn that promo he cut on Smackdown. They really need to let him and gold dust go full homoerotic and really sell this.

    And Y2J vs Bray is going to be fucking epic. I can wait for their promos.

  4. Y’know, I’ve never been a fan of wrestling, but these are so damn entertaining that it doesn’t even matter. Plus, I got a primer on who everyone is way back when during the Laser Time wrestling episode. Oh, and Dave, your “not ALL Macho Men…” joke seemed to fall on deaf ears, but I fucking laughed my ass off at that.

  5. Elston: In talk of Tek War, I think you were referencing “Time Trax”, done by the Follins. Great tunes.

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