Cape Crisis #98 – Merciful Minerva


The guys get together for a slightly shorter show this week, mainly discussing the comics they didn’t read, Wonder Women, Canada, forgotten Kickstarters, and comedy…


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Cape Crisis #98 Question: What is the most legitimately funny comic youve read?

12 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #98 – Merciful Minerva

    1. If you are familiar with this comic Henry; what is your dream casting for it?

      For a semi serious version id say Clint Eastwood as Santa and Garry Oldman as Gary the Snowman.

      Funny version I would have Louis C.K. as Santa and David Koechner as Gary.

  1. No offence, but maybe do a little more research for the superhero spotlight? I mean, if it’s meant to be informative, y’know? Wonder Woman first appeared in All Star Comics #8 in 1941, not Wonder Woman #1, and her traditional love interest is Steve Trevor, not Steve Trainer.

    Obviously these things don’e “matter”, but if the whole point of the section is to teach people about the character…

    1. Ya, it was pretty error filled. The pants were actually an old U thing from the JMS run, but fans hated the run so much that they got rid of them to distance themselves from it. Or it’s because the pants aren’t well known. I know they were going back and forth on whether or not to have pants during the relaunch, but settled on not having them.

      Point is, maybe have more notes?

  2. I’m pretty new to comics, so out of the Marvel Now I’ve been keeping up with Hawkeye is without question the most consistently funny and charming book I’m reading. Deadpool hits and misses, when when a good joke lands it’s pretty great, and with the type of ridiculous humour any other comic couldn’t get away with.

  3. was that an 8bit batdance playing in the BG of the break? where the heck did you find that?!
    that was a really good super hero spotlight, it made for a good non super silly discussion between you guys. Wonder Woman gets sidelined so much.

  4. Yeah….Wonder Woman first appeared in All Star Comics #8, and her love interest’s name is Steve Trevor.

    I’m sorry that I can’t turn the nerdery off.

  5. Awwww shucks guys thanks for the Canada-day shout-out
    and Sasquatch is the f@#$king Man so he get my vote!

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