VGMpire 72 – Movie Mania


Movie games used to suck, but their soundtracks sure didn’t! We take a look at NES and SNES tie ins that defied the odds. LISTEN NOW!

And when you’re done with that, check out Laser Time’s Beautiful Music with the Super Nintendo episode for more bit-sized Hollywood muzak!

2 thoughts on “VGMpire 72 – Movie Mania

  1. This better have some Jurassic Park in here!

    …or Lost World for the Genesis, and throw in some Jurassic Park 2 for the SNES too.

    Actually, scratch that, just make another JP-themed episode 😛

  2. I wanted to say that this episode was quite excellent. I was glad to hear “The Rocketeer” get the respect it deserved. I was stoked to hear SunSoft’s “Batman” in the mix. The cinematic pre-level screen’s really showed how far the system had come as well (you can actually identify Michael Keaton & Jack Nicholson with ease)… one of the funnest movie-based games on the system! I remember “T2” being tricky bc of how many damn hits each enemy took in the first level (you can only puch until you get the shotgun at the bar)… and I rage-quit after the motorcycle level bc I couldn’t figure out how to pass the semi. Thanks LJN. I had no idea how awesome the rest of the music in that game was tho (bc of its difficulty), so thanks for sharing!

    I also felt bad for not commenting as regularly as I tried to in the past. As always, you do a great job. Keep it up Sir-Brelston. You make 3rd-shift airline factory-work fly.

    Also, I actually made a SunSoft “Batman” jam-along track a couple yrs ago. It’s just a quick GarageBand recording I did over one of the level-tracks, but you may enjoy it. If you, Chris or the LaserTime network would like it… I’d b more than happy to email it to you. Anywho… thanks again and keep up the great work.

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