Cape Crisis #99 – Where’s My Spotlight?


As we prepare for some big milestones, the guys get Henry, Chris, and Brett talk about leather outfits, watching cartoons, buying things at Comic Cons, and as little wrestling as is possible…


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Cape Crisis #99 Question: What SDCC 2014 exclusive do you covet most?

21 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #99 – Where’s My Spotlight?

  1. Hoping the new GOTG trailer is discussed as per usual. Anyway, holy crap next week is episode 100…

  2. Episode 100 should be Henry trying to draw a comic live on the show, about his origin story as a super hero/villain of his choice/creation, and then it posting with the episode.

  3. *Spectacular Spider-man* is What Henery is talking about around 31 minutes in, and it’s really good!

    Batista is not the first wrestler to be an alien. (Undertaker)

    1. *Meant to say Undertaker in Suburban Commando…at least he’s the first I can think of I might be wrong. I know Jessie fought Aliens in Predator but. 😛

      P.S. Hope Brett really enjoys Empowered and gets the other guys into it. The closest series I can compare it to off the top of my head is Invincible which they seem to enjoy. It really turns into it’s own universe after the First Volume. Most of it’s not bondage I swear! It’s actually really female Empowering (hence the title.) But…I also wouldn’t read it in a public place though either.

    1. Yeah!!!
      Also, the show Wolverine and the Xmen got canceled and that was great too.
      Anyone else yelling “Spectacular” at their laptop.
      Oh henry….

  4. Ohh glad this is the spotlight for this week, I’m super amped for Guardians of the Galaxy but I know almost nothing about it.

    Actually this question gets asked a lot but what series or whateves would be the best to read to grasp the basics of Guardians?

    1. This image is all you’ll ever need:

      However, that’s a bit intimidating, so I can thin it out a bit…

      My ideal quick-path would be Annihilation 1~6 (no GotG but it’s so crucial to the wider picture plus has Drax), Annihilation Conquest 1~6 (GotG get involved + Ultron), then GotG 1~25 (the late 2000s one, not the recent Bendis one).

      The super-ultra-quick version is just to start with Bendis’ GotG from 2012 but uh… that’s really skimming the surface and misses their best moments.

    2. Much like they discuss in this episode, start with Annihilation and its tie-ins, then Annihilation: Conquest (Guardians of the Galaxy starts here), then War of Kings (pick and choose which tie-ins you want to read I don’t personally think they’re all necessary), then Realm of Kings, and finally The Thanos Imperative. There’s also Annihilators and Annihilators: Earthfall but they don’t matter as much to the whole grand scheme of things.

      It’s a lot to buy and read though, if you just want the bare minimum I suggest reading in order: Annihilation #1-6, Annihilation: Conquest #1-6, Guardians of the Galaxy #1-7, War of Kings #1 & 2, Guardians of the Galaxy #8-17, War of Kings #3-6, Guardians of the Galaxy #18 & 19, Realm of Kings (one issue), Guardians of the Galaxy #20-25, then finally The Thanos Imperative #1-6.

      Hopefully I’m not missing anything, and not to promote anything illegal but there are ways to get these stories online easily if you know where to look at a bay where pirates may hang out for “Cosmic Marvel”.

    3. Alright the thinned version of this definitely sounds good cause so far most of my comic reading has just been super recent things and I really wanna dig into something. Also JJBSterling thanks for the “directions” with easily acquiring these comics. Sadly not working and broke at the moment so this is helpful.

  5. Empoweres fucking rules! What starts out, admittedly, as a comic for cheesecake bondage shots quickly becomes a deconstruction on female self-confidence and body images (the main character continuesly thinks she’s fat, when she clearly isn’t, and has to stay in shape because of the way the suit works) and approaching, much like Watchmen, what a world would be like with all of these heroes, in a largely post-9/11.

  6. Just wanted to say I wanna hear MORE wrestlin’ talk on the podcasts! All the podcasts!
    Or at least go bi-weekly with Cheap Popcast!

    Thanks for all you do guys. Pre congrats on 100 episodes!

  7. Having watched Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and really enjoyed it… the first episode of Avengers Assemble didn’t really manage to grab me. I liked the character designs less, and I actually really liked Wasp and Ant Man. Just getting the movie team is sort of boring.

  8. I am a die hard metal gear fan so the SDCC 2014 EXCLUSIVE PLAY ARTS KAI METAL GEAR SOLID VENOM SNAKE figure is a must have!

  9. Hey guys,

    I literally never speak up, but one little thing has been making me frown a bit lately.

    Ever since Chris got his green card you guys, on every show, have to spend multiple minutes with him talking about him being high or taking his ‘California medicine’

    I don’t have a problem with it but it does take away from the podcasting experience for me in a way I don’t entirely understand myself.

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