Streaming some Simpsons Wrestling today on Twitch


Oh yes, this is happening! Today at 4:30 Pacific, we’re streaming the one and only Simpsons Wrestling for PlayStation 1 on Twitch. [UPDATED with YouTube Embed for your viewing pleasure!]

In honor of our LT’s latest Premium Commentary packs, which are ever so tangentially wrasslin’ related, we’re going to stream some dumbass wrestling games this week, starting with the dumbest: Simpsons Wrestling!

8 thoughts on “Streaming some Simpsons Wrestling today on Twitch

  1. Chris, you asshole! (I kid, I kid) You had to stream later on the one day I have to go to bed early.

    I remember this game being crap when I tried it in 2004 or so. And I had low expectations then. Isn’t this the only game on PSX to feature cel shading?

  2. This game still had better hit detection that the last wwe game from 2k. The omission of bleeding gums Murphy is unacceptable.

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