Cape Crisis #100 – Shocking Revelations!


The hell!?! How did we somehow end up at 100 episodes of this little old podcast? Well, it wasn’t easy, and it didn’t happen overnight, but it has been fun getting there. We have a ton to talk about this week, including some very shocking news, the reveal of movie Ultron, a freaking trivia game, and secret origins! You’ll find it all in this extra large podcast…


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Cape Crisis #100 Question: What’s your favorite comic issues that’s a multiple of 100?

79 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #100 – Shocking Revelations!

  1. Holy crap guys congrats on the 100 episodes! Even though I didn’t comment too much on the earlier days, I’m happy to say I’ve been listening to the Crisis since the beginning.

  2. Practically every time he opens his mouth, Brett Elston says something I find utterly insane and improbable.

    Veronica over Betty!? James Spader was “great” on The Office!?

    He is my exact opposite in the universe.

    1. Agreed, Spader was terrible on the office. Just like Idris Elba was wasted there… man everything after Steve Carrell is better off blocking out.

  3. Congrats on 100, guys!

    To celebrate letโ€™s all take a minute to appreciate that picture of Iron Man, in which heโ€™s apparently built nipples on his armour and replaced the arc reactor with a CD drive.

    1. So, I just listened to this and just wanted to say congrats on you too Henry! Very happy for you.

  4. Also, favorite quote from 100 episodes:

    I can’t believe a story on Cape Crisis begins with “So, I was heading home from the gym.”

    – Brett Elston

  5. Congrats on 100 episodes guys! I am one of the lame people who hasn’t done an iTunes review yet, so I’m getting on that, and congrats go out to all the other news in this show!

    for YEARS you’ve danced around the topic of relationships and ONCE on talkradar Chris said something while you were talking about your old roommate that made me wonder why it wasn’t just something you ever talked about.
    it doesn’t change a thing for me, you’re still the same old crazy video gaming comic booking UBER GEEK you’ve always been.
    now take a 100 episodes lap! yay!

  7. It’s gonna be pretty sad when Chris dies taking a bullet saving Senator Hank’s life, but also very sweet.

  8. Congratulations on the 100th episode Henry and co! Just wanted to see I never read a comic book before I started listening to this podcast, so thanks a bunch for getting me into them. Cape Crisis is probably my favourite podcast on the network, so keep up the good work. Excelsior!

  9. Congrats on the 100, congrats on Henerey, it’s been a total blast. I’ve been listening to you guys since 10th grade, and it warms my heart whenever I see you hit a milestone of some sort.

  10. Wow full circle. The last episode of TalkRadar was Shocking Revelaitons [Sic] (how about some spell check Brett-Com) and now LaserTime shows are just knocking down the triple digit doors.

    They can’t stop us, let ’em try. LaserTime Network Shows will never die.

    And if the reveal people are hinting at in these comments is what I think it is that will close a mystery Chris alluded to awhile ago *I had always assumed was Nagata.*

  11. Henry, you’ve been a huge inspiration to me for many years now. I wouldn’t be who I am today without role models like you. Your courage and strength of character in particular have driven me to push myself to be a better person.

    Congratulations on 100 episodes of Cape Crisis, live long and prosper!

  12. Dang, can’t believe its already 100! Congrats Henry, Chris, Brett, as someone who’s read close to no comic books at all you guys have made a super entertaining series of podcasts that always get me learning something new. And now I actually have started reading a couple things thanks to you guys. Keep it up yo. Especially you Henry, it boggles my mind how you’re able to seem like you’re at 100% energy at all times but it definitely helps keep the excitement rolling.

    (also glad to have something not wrestling based to listen to at this point..)

  13. Celebrations on one hundred years of Cape Crisis! The enthusiasm you blokes have for comics finally got me to read some and I sure did enjoy them, so cheers for that. More 2000 AD talk please though.
    PS. Good on ya Henry!

  14. As archnite points out, weird parallel with Talkradar 198. Desperately hope that Cape Crisis doesn’t go the way of TR, though โ€” I love it so much. (How else am I going to hear about Newsroom?)

    Also, thanks for coming out to us, Henry! We all love you.

  15. Congratulations on making it to 100 Henry! I had never read a comic book in my life before listening to Cape Crisis for the first time a few years ago, but you got me into comics and I can’t get enough now, so thank you for that and for all the great series you’ve recommended every week.

    Also, I’m glad I listened to the very end of the episode, since sometimes I turn it off im the last minute or so. But good for you Henry for finally coming out to us!!

  16. Congrats on 100, guys! This is fast becoming my favorite show on the Lasertime Network and it’s single-handedly got me back into comics. I love hearing the mega-nerdlery happen in this show, and all the tangents and all that are as great now as they were back in the TalkRadar days.

    I hope you guys never stop podcasting.

  17. here’s to 100 more. Hank, you’re the best man for the job. as a casual reader this show is just as enlightening as it is hilarious.

    and lay off Chris’ pot renaissance, it’s a beautiful thing.

  18. Happy 100 for one of my favorite podcasts! Your nerdy ramblings about comics, and the occasional newsroom episode, never fail to entertain. Here’s to as many more podcasts as you guys are willing to give us!

    By the way, good for you Hank!

  19. Congrats on 100. I may not be an active responder in the forums, but I listen to every single show. As someone who has never been more than a random issue reader, you guys have brought a lot more depth to my comic book knowledge.

    Henry, keep on putting ’em out and I’ll keep on listening.

  20. The only thing I expect from an episode 100 is that it be enjoyable just like episodes 1-99.

    Henry, I think by now you are aware of the audience who supports you and it wouldn’t matter if you decided to share that info 5 years ago or 5 years from now. As long as you keep delivering good content you have support.

  21. Thank goodness Brett read Earth X! That was a great trade and was very satisfying to read. I wish It kept up with Universe X and Paradise X but I felt like it got terrible towards the end. However Earth X is a solid read

  22. Been a fan of you guys since the old show, in small times, and followed the development of the LaserTime Network with a fervor. I’ve even managed to get you guys a couple extra fans, a fact which I am proud of. But congratulations on the big 100, and Hank, good on ya, geekdom(especially gaming, though) isn’t always the most welcoming atmosphere for homosexuals, so being honest about your sexuality in the industry you work in is especially brave. Keep podcasting! You(and the LaserTime crew) have a fan for life here!

  23. Congrats on the 100,i just finish listen to all the back episodes and man…this is my favorite podcast in the network and i don’t read comics.

    Only strange thing listen to the old episodes and the new ones is the lack of the spiderman sounds,they need to be back!

  24. Congrats on finally coming out Hank! You set off my internal radar for awhile now, but it’s good it’s out in the open.

    I AM a little sad Brety isn’t looking Empowered. I quite enjoyed it, once you get past the early parts of it, kinda like how Season one of The Simposons was worse than all the ones after it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. I don’t why its only dawning on me now how long I’ve been listening to Henry. Right from his cameo appearance on TDAR (episode 7 I think?). Since then he has just been the man in my ears every single week. From college to job to job to career change and new job. So just saying ‘Thanks’ feels really empty. But that is al I can offer at the moment. So thank you Henry. For all of it. Keep doing what you love and I’ll keep listening. Even to the wrestling bits (:

  26. Happy 100 episodes guys! Thank you all (specially Hank) for sticking with this show for this long! (:

    And also special congrats to Henry! No one should ever feel like they have to hide how they are or what they like. So I’m glad you took this step ^^

  27. Congratulations and thanks for the entertainment! Glad the show won’t finish like New Mutants at #100. Plus, that was an awesome, memorable ending.

  28. That is the most nonchalant coming out I have ever heard in my life. It reminded me of when Chris announced he was going to PC Gamer at the end of TDar.

    But good for you Hankster. being honest with yourself and not caring what anybody else thinks. Just like that song in Frozen said “Let it Go”

    1. It was nonchalant. Good delivery if it was a joke or even in general. Just funny. But I agree with everything you said.

  29. Hank and co, not to make you feel old but I’ve been listening to you all since I was a kid in the Tdar days and I’ll keep listening for as long as these podcasts are going! I’m so happy this small community has come this far, long may it continue! I’m proud of you Hank, you’re a pretty rocking guy!

  30. Long time listener and just for perspective this 100th episode means over easily over 150 hours I’ve listened to you talk about comics (not counting the other podcasts I you’re on that I listen to), and yet my actual background with comics is extremely limited.

    Your podcast has been the catalyst to bring me into comics and has also been my perfect companion to all the great comic related entertainment that they’ve spawned. Thanks for all your hard work and know that we’ll be glad to support you for hundreds more.

    It’s great that you feel comfortable enough to be open with your community, because like it or not we’re basically your internet family.

  31. Im so proud Hank. Thank you for your years of free service, and entertainment. I hope Chris never stops farting and smoking, only so I can hear you stand up to it every time.

    CCrisis commentary track for next season of newsroom please. Thank you for your strength


  32. Congratulations LaserTime, Cape Crisis, and Henry!

    I’ve been with you guys from the start and being an immensely invested comic book dork, Cape Crisis has always been one of my favorite podcasts of any network / genre/ etc.

    Loved the skit, the self deprecating anachronism had me giggling aloud!

    And the reveal on the last page of this issue… Sets an awesome new status quo for the CapeCrisis team and the LaserTime universe!

    Seriously congrats for your strength and thank you for the amazing entertainment you’ve given us. I can only hope for 100 more.

  33. It’s been said plenty on here but you guys deserve a hundred comments for a hundred episodes so FUCK YEAH HANK GILBERT!

  34. I wanted to pop in and say congrats Hank! It’s a big and important personal step for one to make and I’m thankful that you feel comfortable enough to tell all of us. Keep on being awesome man, you’ll always have our support.

    And happy 100 Cape Crisis! Been listening to the whole crew since around TalkRadar 17 and love the evolution into Laser Time’s whole network of shows. Whether it’s comics, games, music, wrestling, movies or Newsroom, you’ve all given me something to enjoy and cherish over the past six-plus years of podcasts and I can’t thank you guys enough!

  35. Congrats on reaching 100 episodes and for your announcement Hank!

    On the subject of Marvel women getting to 100 issues, it’s my understanding that Carol Danvers will reach 100 combined solo issues in the next 12 months assuming Captain Marvel keeps going. Kelly Sue DeConnick, the writer of Captain Marvel, has hinted there are plans to acknowledge this.

    My limited knowledge says She-Hulk has over 100 combined solo issues but Spider-Girl is the only one to have a series reach issue #100.

  36. Sorry not to be original but I love, LOVE, LOVE, the Incredible Hulk! I owe over 500 issues. I’ve worked hard at buying my missing issues over the years!

    Also AMAZING EP guys! the skit was awesome, I miss you guys doing stuff like this! The faux commercials and skits were some of my favorite parts of Talk Radar. Please do more of them is possible thank you!

  37. A fantastic 100th! Oh man!

    Henry, oh my god. I never comment but it means a lot that you’ve said that. You’ve got a big audience & you’ve made some of your audience really happy. Congrats for being public, and…

    here’s to 100 more episodes! *clinks glass*

  38. Congratulations on the 100, i wasn’t too surprised about the grand revelation. It does explain how his ex roommate was a platonic female friend. I’ve always thought that it was more confusing than everyone involved with lasertime seems to be in a long term relationship. Just seemed surprising.

    1. I dunno man, my ex roommate and I were never anything other than platonic friends. It can happen between two straight folks too.

      Anyway, great job on hitting 100 episodes on multiple shows now. That shows incredible dedication, and we all appreciate it; even relatively new listeners like myself.

  39. Congrats and happy 100 to Cape Crisis and you Henry!!! Looking forward to the next 100…

    I’m not a big graphic novel/comic book reader, at least not when it comes to current stuff and single issues. I just stick to trades, especially Batman trades, or one-off stories like Watchmen. I’m mostly a fan of comics from other mediums, like movies, shows, games. Despite that, I still enjoy listening to the series and learning about great graphic novels and comic books.

    Also, I look forward to listening to the podcasts about comic book movies, even the Man of Steel one even though I enjoyed it (except the Dark Knight Rises one. Why so harsh and nit-picky?). So, I’m looking forward to your discussion of Guardians, Avengers 2, and yes, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

    Thanks for all the great content and looking forward to more great content in the future.

  40. Hank,
    I am glad you felt comfortable enough to share that with us but I honestly thought it would be Chris making that statement and not you. Anyways, keep up the good work as I love listening to not just this podcast but all the Lasertime podcasts. Also, if you’re ever in Fort Worth, Texas, let me know because my brother is single. That is if you like bears….?

  41. Congratulations on 100, Henry! Here’s to 100 more!

    And, seriously, that revelation took guts. I’m glad you finally felt comfortable to share it with us.

  42. Way to go Hank. Be proud of who you are. Hope to be here for the next 100 episode. This is the closest I come to weekly comic news anymore since I canceled my box and wait for sales on comixology. Keep it going guys.

  43. Congrats Henry! That took guts! I am honored to be part of a community where you felt you could share. I wish that we lived in a world where it didn’t take a heroic amount of courage to be who you are. I’ve got nothing but admiration for you sir!

    Here’s to many more episodes!

  44. I’ve never commented before, but have listened to Lasertime since Episode 1 and Cape Crisis too. Fantastic 100th show guys!!

    Also, you are AWESOME Hank! As another chubby gay comic nerd to another, its great to know you arent alone! (Unless of course this is all a joke, in which case, haha, good one).

  45. What a great ending. Wow. I’m still smiling from ear to ear after hearing it. I especially loved the “F you motherfuckers!” line to Brett and Chris at the very end. So awesome.

    It’s awesome that you have an outlet like Cape Crisis that you feel comfortable with and proud enough with, to share that with all of us. We are your (podcast/internet) family and friends, and you will find no stronger of a support than with your TalkRadar/GR/Laser Time/Cape Crisis family. Nicely done, Max.

  46. Henry,
    Thanks for trusting us.
    You guys are the best.
    Thanks for all the free fun you’ve given all of us.

    Long live Laser Time!!!!

  47. Never commented before, but been listening to you guys since mid-50’s TalkRadar. Congrats on 100 episodes, and here’s to 100 more! Thanks for getting this early 30’s lapsed geek back into comics in a big bad way, and thanks for creating pretty much my favorite podcast (not to mention my favorite podcast network).

    Henry, I don’t know you personally, but you’re awesome. Thanks for being so open with your listeners, you have my eternal respect and admiration. Oh, and I like your voice for what it’s worth.

  48. Congrats on 100 shows guys! I haven’t read comics since the 80’s but I listen to all your podcasts anyway because you guys are so much fun to listen to, and you are all really hilarious. You guys have something very special going on with the Laser Time Network and I hope that it keeps getting bigger and bigger and you can all have a lot of success doing what you’re doing.

    Henry, you’re the reason I am commenting. I was actually really touched that you decided to share what you did with all your listeners. I wish we lived in a world where you didn’t have to do that, and people just accepted that there are different people with different lifestyles and that’s all right. Unfortunately we don’t live in that world yet, but I think we’re getting closer.

    I love that everyone who has commented so far have been so supportive. Your listeners are your friends. I know you guys feel like friends to me after listening to you for so long. But if you run into people who want to put you down, just remember, do not let them. I used to care a lot about what people thought of me and it made me miss out on doing some things when I was younger that I really regret. When I got older I decided that I don’t care what people think of me anymore. I’ve been much happier since then. I am who I am and if they don’t want to be my friend or associate with me because of that, well then that’s for the best. Remember that. It doesn’t matter what some stranger on the street or on the internet think. Who cares about them? Their opinion is meaningless. The only people who matter in your life are your real friends and the people who support you.

    I’m putting my real name here because I feel like it would be disingenuous to put some joke name in. Don’t get me wrong, I love the creative names that people come up with, but I just don’t think it would be appropriate for this post.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  49. I left the last two minutes of the cast unlistened, so I’ve just know heard the announcement. Good on ya, Hank, and thanks for being open with your audience. You’ve been playing loose with it for a while now anyway, so I’m sure we’re all glad to have it eased into the open like that. Congrats on 100, and may it live on!

  50. So I stopped listening to this episode with about a minute left, and then started listening to the next episode. Lol

  51. Great episode guys, enjoyed the quiz especially. Especially well done to Henry, is no small feat to helm a podcast for 100 episodes, here’s to the next 100!
    Wasn’t sure if you were joking at the end because of the “you mother fucker” in the fade out, but if it wasn’t then congrats for you Henry! It’s great you feel like you can be honest with your fans/listeners.

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