Guess the Game Commercial: Hey Ladies


HINT: A nice blonde girl will soon meet the athletic Jewish man of her dreams…

STOP SCROLLING: In Guess the Game Commercial, we invite you to guess which game is being advertised based solely on a single out-of-context screen grab. The video below will feature the commercial and generally a short sizzle of our own making with the game in question. Scroll no further than the video below unless you’re stumped and ready to spoil the answer for yourself…

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ANSWER: WCW MAYHEM [PC, PlayStation, Nintendo 64 | 1999]


Look, I know even the most devotes Laser Timers among you are sick of the week-long wrestling tantrum we’ve been throwing here (somewhat in honor of our latest Laser Time Commentaries, The LA VENTURA PACK) but I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, so why stop the squared circlin’ now, dammit?!

laser time wcw mayhem hulk hogan

But there’s something all the Twitch livesteams and long form YouTube videos didn’t capture this week, and it’s the wonderful Attitude Era of not just the WWF (Get the F back IN, jabroni!), but its omnipresence in mid-to-late 90s video game marketing. So what makes this commercial different special?

laser time wcw mayhem eddie guerrero booker t

Yes, yes, we’ve certainly talked about gaming ads extreme nature, 180 misleads, wailing guitars, etc., before in Guess the Game Commercial… HOWEVER, it really shouldn’t be overlooked that this here spot for WCW Mayhem goes above and beyond by PHYSICALLY ASSAULTING AN INNOCENT WOMAN.

laser time wcw goldberg
Hair Clippings!

Sure it was accidental, by a Sting projectile, sure (which is pretty much an honor) but I sincerely doubt it’s something you’d see sandwiched between WWE matches today, or anywhere else on Prime Time television for that matter, plus I’m absolutely certain this wouldn’t curry a lot of favor with the ladies theses days. But then again… that’s pretty much innate to all of professional wrestling anyway. Don’t believe me? Peep this screen shot I pulled from Laser Time’s laughably meager YouTube stats:


Look closely and you may start to see a demographic… Okay, I know this is a bad thing. Hell, we should probably make a concerted effort next week to try and figure out how to win back the ladies, but I’m sorry, I can’t help but find this fucking hysterical. What can I say? I’ve gotta sick sense of humor.


3 thoughts on “Guess the Game Commercial: Hey Ladies

  1. I know that kid from a terrible horror comedy called Killer Pad, that my gf used to watch all the time. not worth checking out, besides Joey Lawrence doing a John McClaine impression in the mirror before he’s killed by a demon.

  2. The kid’s name is Eric Jungmann, you might know him from Even Stevens. He has been in other things though.

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