Laser Time’s Best GIFs of the week!

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A week of horrible game streams boiled down to a couple of glorious animated GIFS!

First off, you’re welcome! Not just those of you who bothered to a week of streaming weird ass wrestling games. Whom we’ll call… Hmmm, let’s check the YouTube stats…


Yeah… so thanks, uh, guys. You’re Welcome to the rest of you, you ingrates who didn’t bother to watch any of our many livestreams last week, because I dunno, maybe Giant Bomb was live tweeting a modem being reset or something? Whatever the case, you missed out on some of the most fun we’ve had in a while. BUT DON’T WORRY! Simpsons Spanking? Here ya go:

simpsons spank
From our Simpsons Wrestling live stream

Oh yes, you actively denied yourself this sensual Bart vs Krusty. Prepare to get even angrier if you’re into butts (and who isn’t?!)

destiny butt punch 3
From Laser Time’s Destiny Beta Mega Stream

You wish it was all butts!  Because we had the journalistic fortitude to play fucking Rumble Roses XX, which showcased numerous… let’s just say “beyond butts”

rumble roses xx laser time humiliation.gifFrom our Pulitzer Prize-winning Rumble Roses XX stream

Yeah… that’s a humiliation move. Who knows what the fuck this is called?

From our Pulitzer Prize-winning Rumble Roses XX stream

Okay, but is wasn’t all titlation. Brelston dropped by to play an upgraded favorite from our SNES past, Another World and it was a splendid affair, riddled with insightful bon mots… JUST KIDDING, NUT SHOT!

another world nut shot
From Laser Time’s Another World 20th Anniversary livestream

Alright, I’m with you. We definitely need to class this up a bit. How about… JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FARTING MUSIC ON ZOMBIE SOUTHERN HITLER!??!?!?

farting hitler gif
From our MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch stream

Okay, okay – that’s IT! just wanted to take a second and showcase the stuff we’re doing on Laser Time’s Twitch Channel and Laser Time’s YouTube Channel. I personally am having so much goddamned fun, and I hope to do stuff like this as much as possible. What say you?

15 thoughts on “Laser Time’s Best GIFs of the week!

  1. I think that pie chart .GIF is broken. And since you mentioned Giant Bomb. How do you say is Lasards (do we still call ourselves that?)?


  2. Phenomenal work, Mr Antista. Glad I sat down and watched a few of these as you streamed ’em. I for one enjoy the streams, even if I can’t always get to them pre-youtube.

  3. Hey! The Giant Bomb Modem-stravaganza 2014 was incredibly insightful. I’m really liking the streams, even if I can’t catch them until after the fact. I prefer the oddball older games myself, so thanks for saving me the personal failing of trying out Rumble Roses to satisfy my curiosity.

  4. FUCK! I didn’t know your livestreams had you guys on it. I promise I will watch the next one and comment on it.

  5. I can’t believe you didn’t get a gif of Apu’s Kermit arms!

    I’m glad you’ve been streaming a lot, you guys are the only streams I watch, I honestly haven’t found any internet personalities I enjoy nearly as much as the Laser Time crew.

    1. It’s not the nineties? Have you ever HEARD a LaserTime Network show? It’s ALWAYS the nineties here!

  6. You guys are better than Giant Bomb, in a sense that if we want to say something in the chat, you actually read it and we don’t have to wait ten minutes before another response.

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