Go 5 minutes into the future with this extended Guardians of the Galaxy clip


A five minute clip of Marvel’s latest ballsy endeavor proves every other movie this summer was kind of bullshit…

Seriously, no one hates spoilers more than me, so trust me when I say this clip is well worth watching and ruins nothing. If anything, the beginning contains an extended look of the lineup footage we’ve all seen a billion times, but more importantly, an onscreen contextualization of the song used in previous GotG trailers! If you know what I’ve talking about, you better click your ass in here:

Other than that, you’ve got what I seriously hope is a truncated look at the prison break glimpsed in previous trailers and a proceeding sizzle that doesn’t offer a ton of newness, but we do get to hear Drax and Gamora say new sentences. I’m not fucking around, that’s enough for me. I’m already more than willing to bend the knee to Guardians of the Galaxy as the Box Office Champion of 2014, and that’s coming from a diehard Planet of the Apes fan who just received an outrageously fantastic movie. What say you guys? Anybody seen it or the extended IMAX footage?


12 thoughts on “Go 5 minutes into the future with this extended Guardians of the Galaxy clip

  1. I’ve been excited for this movie since the rumours started, and now, I cannot be more excited! Everything looks pitch perfect: tone, set design, line delivery, etc. Thanks for posting this, Chris.

  2. Hey all,
    I saw the IMAX 17 minutes and, it was alright, I guess. I mean, if what you’re looking for is a clever, funny, well-shot, high-action adventure sci-fi film that made a theatre full of people from age 4(my son was next to me) to at least 30(I don’t know the ages of anybody else but my friends around me) laugh, at characters who are clearly defined and interesting almost immediately, and that includes what were some legitimately novel forms of action, as well as some solid special effects work all grounded in what was a believable crazy outer space reality, then, SURE, The Guardians of the Galaxy is gonna be amazing. But, who wants any of that?

    1. But if you go in expecting the slow, contemplative, experimental German expressionist silent film I was, you will be SORELY disappointed.

  3. honestly, I am not watching anything until the movies out. If this keeps up nothing will surprise me when the film comes out. I get it, it looks incredible, day 1, imax. You have my money.

    1. I totally agree, I’ve been staying away from footage since the first trailer came out. It was more than enough to sell me.

  4. “A five minute clip of Marvel’s latest ballsy endeavor proves every other movie this summer was kind of bullshit…”

    Considering I’ve had a record streak of enjoying summer movies so far (Godzilla, X-Men, Edge of Tomorrow, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (skipped ASM2 and Transformers))…these are mighty strong words.

    If ‘Guardians’ really proves to be the best one of the summer, then 2014 will be my best movie summer in quite some time.

  5. Ok, I take back what I said about Cooper as Rocket, his voice is Raccoon enough to reflect the squiggly speech bubbles from the comics but normal enough to appeal to the casual audience.

  6. holy crap that looks so frickin AWESOME!! I can’t wait. and as a free demographic survey
    – my nine yr old daughter = super excited
    – my non-geek wife mildly amused and willing to see it
    – my 5 yr old son = only wants popcorn

    BUT WATEVER! WOOOOO Guardians here we come!!

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