Comic-Con starts today, so let’s stream the Batman game you never played: Batman Begins!

[UPDATE: Stream has been YouTubeified!] Today at 2:30pm, we’re going to be streaming the last Batman game to come out before you started caring about Batman games. What game features the voice talents of Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Cilian Murphy, Katie Holmes, and Morgan Freeman? To show you’we’ll have to start at the beginning…

We had every intention of streaming the Destiny Beta all damned day, but wouldn’t you know it, the system’s taking a while to get shit settled. Rest assured we will as soon as we can… WITH CODES TO GIVE AWAY!

Until then, let’s celebrate the opening of SDCC with some Batman Begins!

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8 thoughts on “Comic-Con starts today, so let’s stream the Batman game you never played: Batman Begins!

  1. I played this game when it came out and I loved it. Haven’t played it since. Interesting to see how it holds up, but I’m guessing not well.

  2. For some reason, I actually played a crap load of this back when it came out. I guess it was just because it was one of the least shitty Batman games, especially after Dark Tomorrow, and I was still playing movie games with any kind of hope… in any case, this should be a fun stream.

  3. Hey I have this for the Xbox. It’s not a bad game and it wasn’t bad for a movie tie-in at the time, but it was hardly more than a poor man’s Splinter Cell with a Batman theme. You should pop in Hulk Ultimate Destruction, now that’s a man’s superhero game.

  4. I came up on two copies of this a week after its release from my local blockbuster game rush store. They miss marked its used price at 9.99. I intended to flip both copies at my local game rob, but ended up keeping a copy cause it was the best batman game ive played since the super nes batman animated series game. On the original xbox its graphics still hold up as well as a launch 360 game.

  5. Not really sure why a certain comment said Batman was selfish in the Dark Knight trilogy. The end of The Dark Knight shows that he is completely selfless and does not care about Batman’s legacy, only Gotham’s fate. The whole point of Rises was that he only dons the cape and cowl for personal reasons in the beginning (to prove to himself he can still do it), and he has to learn to do it for the right reasons and become Batman again. Also, the Batman legend doesn’t end in Rises since it is heavily implied that Blake will continue the legacy much like Dick Grayson did after Bruce’s death in the comics.

  6. Kind of impressed by the face models. The save states are like Clones? I love every Bateman I see to Batman A to Batman Z!

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