Let’s go Butt Punchin’ in the Destiny Beta!

The Destiny Beta just went live for Xbox One users, which means Chris doesn’t need to bother a PS4 to stream away! We’ll streaming the shit out of Destiny starting at 5:30 today and have DESTINY BETA CODES TO GIVE AWAY.

GT AnisJustice. If you’d like to see our previous romps through Destiny on PlayStation 4, click here.

Watch live video from LaserTime on www.twitch.tv

3 thoughts on “Let’s go Butt Punchin’ in the Destiny Beta!

  1. That is some nice PhysX use. That giff kinda had me in a trance and I just realized I had been staring at it for about 20 minutes. Suddenly I want to donate more money to lasertime. Chris must be using some kind of subliminal hypnotic messaging through a Destiny sidewall butt punch.

  2. I like how this stream turned into a love-life helpline while Chris died over and over near the end there.

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