The only superhero movie that matters right now is The Death of Superman Lives


Unseen footage of Nic Cage’s Kal-El and Tim Burton speaks on his unmade Superman movie. Peep the trailer

I vaguely remember hearing about a crowd-funded documentary about Tim Burton’s Superman movie, which died on the vine so long ago I not only forgot it existed, we’ve had TWO bad Superman movies in the meantime. What I didn’t expect is that the filmmakers would get Burton to sit down and talk about the ill-fated “Superman Lives,” nor did I expect never-before seen spec footage of Nicolas “Frickin'” Cage flying around in the Kryptonian get up.

When I was a kid, it felt like this movie was in pre-produciton for a fucking decade. Since then, we’ve heard a few anecdotes, seen some blurry pics of the weird ass suit, but the only person I’ve heard speak at length on the subject is Kevin Smith, who’s featured prominently in this trailer “The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?“. (Seriously, if you’ve never heard Smith’s bit about his unused Superman screenplay, you’re in for a real treat.) As with Jodorowsky’s Dune and Lost in La Mancha, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a feature-length “unmaking of” movie documentary, and when it comes to flicks that never got to the screen, there’s now sweeter plum than Burton’s unrealized Superman.

Head here to help support the project.

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19 thoughts on “The only superhero movie that matters right now is The Death of Superman Lives

  1. I got into an argument with my friend a year ago because she refused to believe me that this movie almost happened and she refused to believe EMPIRE FUCKING MAGAZINE was a credible source just because she never heard of it.

  2. Someone should buy that collector’s set just for the figures and use them in Sex Toy Story.

    Just sayin’.

    1. I cheated on Marvel with Man of Steel. Man of Steel made me feel things I haven’t felt in years!

      Alright, enough with the joke. I agree with most criticisms of the movie, but even then I think it was far more entertaining and less pandering than most stuff Marvel as put out (not that I dislike every movie from them). Marvel movies hit all the right points, but are also predictable and, well, lame. Avengers had a little heart though. I’m hoping that number 2 blows it out of the water.

      That being said, I would love to watch Michael Keaton’s Batman say hello to Nicolas Cage in an “electrifying” Superman suit.

    2. Yep, was going to say the same thing. It was NOT a “bad” movie, which you know full well Chris. Supergirl is a bad fucking movie. Man of Steel is just as flawed as The Avengers in different ways (MOS is far too serious, Avengers has no plot, etc), but Marvel disguises it by throwing in jokes and quips every two seconds. Both are good movies, Man of Steel just needed to be less serious which makes it harder to sit through.

  3. Actually pretty damn excited for this documentary. And since there’s inevitably going to be people angry about a MoS diss, I agree that it’s shitty and have a hard time believing in its defenders.

  4. Damn they’re still a ways off from realizing this. What if the documentary itself is never made? Who wants to start a kickstarter documenting the documentary.

    Actually I just can’t wait to watch what they are doing.

  5. I had heard about this movie for a while now because it is being directed by Jon Schnepp of AMC Movie Talk which I watch frequently. Can’t wait to finally see it!

  6. I still think it will get made one day and also face off two and the rock 2 featuring a scene were Nick has to break Sean out of a retirement home on Alcatraz lol.

  7. Really want this, but $40 is more than I’m prepared to pay for a digital copy of the movie. $20-25 would’ve been the sweet spot, especially as it costs him nothing to send it or produce the copy once the movie’s done.

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