Today we master Last of Us: Remastered


As you can see from this image, The Last of Us deserves a PS4 overhaul more than any other game in history. It’s barely been a year, but we’re going to dive into Naughty Dog’s latest coat of paint today at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern on the Laser Time Twitch channel! [UPDATED: With our terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad stream. If you don’t want to see the planets align against an innocent, beautiful game, please DON’T WATCH]

6 thoughts on “Today we master Last of Us: Remastered

  1. This is legitimately my most most favorite game of all time, and at 27 years of age, 24 of them playing games, that is saying something.

    I love the cast, I love the story, I love the world and I love how old-school the game is. Limited health is back, limited ammo is back, hell with some concessions, infinite inventory is back.

    I know that some say it’s overrated, or the acting is bad or whatever, but their views are not my views and I felt this game deserved every amount of attention it got last year.

    So while I won’t watch the stream (I’ve played this game several times, sometimes in mixed company with my non-gaming girlfriend who loved watching it and my coworkers who don’t game but liked it), I hope you guys like it.

  2. Hope mine and others donations help you overcome that god awful laptop. I’m dropping you a $50 for my commentary packs.

    Here’s my recommendation for a new laptop if you’re interested: $312.99 HP$pcmcat247400050000&cp=1&lp=4

    I own an HP myself and it’s extremely reliable. The only thing you might have to worry about is that one has Windows 8 but that’s basically unavoidable at this point.

  3. I’d like to watch this and support you guys but I really want to experience that silky smooth 60fps gameplay first hand. Pretty much my only gripe with the wonderful Uncharted & Last of Us games is the gunplay not being the smoothest at times. Hearing this has been rectified makes this an essential purchase for me.

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