That leaked Deadpool footage looking a lot less leaked


High(er)-Res footage of that leaked CG sizzle featuring Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth…

In case you missed it, a very rough look at some very cool, very R-Rated Deadpool movie concept footage leaked during Comic-Con last week. Through the shitty quality and unofficial presentation of a Malaysian Transformers bootlegged DVD, folks finally got a glimpse of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine spin-off/follow-up that never came to fruition. And they liked what they saw. Today, for now, a more “official” version has hit the web. It’s probably in your best interest to watch it soon and I shouldn’t have to tell you why.

Deadpool Test Footage in HD by itsartmag

The 8-minute all-CGI clip is said to hailĀ from Blur Studios, the award-winning effects house known for producing slick movie promos and early video game trailers that don’t have the luxury of showcasing actual gameplay, the head of which, Tim Miller, was at one point attached to direct Deadpool for Fox. And as a pretty big Deadpool fan who has yet to wipe the turd taste of Reynolds last onscreen performance as Wade Wilson, yes, this shit is very nice. I’ll remain forever resolute that Charlie Day is the only proper choice to play Deadpool, but this video drives home why (duh) Ryan Reynolds is a suitable option too. Plus, nobody wants to see him kicked out of the tights of another world famous superhero, right?


I think the real question is: Where did this footage come from? If legend is correct, this footage is from 2012, yet emerged this weekend. This footage was almost certainly not screened at last week’s San Diego Comic-Con (Fox doesn’t get invited to Marvel panels) or anywhere else for that matter. So, where exactly did the leak come from, and why now? I’ve had the luxury of seeing test footage of certain things, and their absolutely not the kind of thing that casually make it to the web, even if they end up getting canceled, let alone get followed up with more official looking footage such as today. I… I need to know everything. Whatever. Let us know what you think in the comments below. It’ll undoubtedly get a mention in an upcoming Cape Crisis.

12 thoughts on “That leaked Deadpool footage looking a lot less leaked

  1. It’s pretty obvious that this was leaked by whoever to try and get a groundswell of support to show Fox that an R rated deadpool would be something the masses want. Its been in development hell for so long, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the last push for this to get greenlighted.

  2. Would watch. I’d even pay money to watch it. Hopefully the leak is some kind of ploy to drum up interest and simultaneously get an opinion from the public, without actually confirming that it’ll be made. And hopefully this leads to it being made.

    And I agree Chris, more Charlie Day.


  3. Just make your own damn Deadpool movie, Laser Time, and then leak it.

    I vote for a Deadpool/Rocket Racoon crossover, with Chris and the racoon that lives under his porch. Not in that order.

  4. Zounds! It’s already been taken down. It hurts me to think that the closest we’ll ever get to Deadpool in a major non-comics form is the High Moon Activision game. If that game were any worse I’d have no objections to it being called shovelware.

  5. I can confirm that the footage is from at least 2012. I have a friend here in LA who saw it a few years ago and this is frame for frame what was described to me.

    What little I can remember this is was made by the guys at Blur Studios, you know them from every awesome CG Video Game trailer ever (Batman, Star Wars, DC Universe). Tim Miller from Blur was once (maybe still) attached to direct a Deadpool movie. They’ve been trying to get this off the ground for a long time now.

    Maybe it was leaked on purpose to gauge excitement or just out of frustration, but hopefully the positive reaction will get this thing going.

  6. I love Ryan Reynolds, and the parts of Wolverine Origins of him playing Deadpool are the only parts of that movie I don’t hate.

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