Guardians of the Galaxy iOS Wallpapers


Fill your smartphone screens with high-res, gloriously optimized images of a buncha a-holes!

Obviously we’re all losing our collective shit over Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend, so why not take ’em with ya anywhere. I did my best to optimize each image for iPhone and iPad, including the parallax shifting if you’re into that kinda thing, but they should work on other smartphones too. I just wouldn’t know, I don’t have one. Whatever! Take all you’d like, but eat all you take!

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Guardians of the Galaxy IPHONE Wallpapers

Guardians of the Galaxy IPAD Wallpapers

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5 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy iOS Wallpapers

  1. I’m totally using the first groot one. Some of the covers themselves would just work as wallpapers in general.

  2. The film and Bautista’s performance has sold me on Drax completely, soooo tempted to use him as my new wallpaper…

    Fuck it, let’s do it!

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