IDOL IDLE: The Idle Animations of Gaming Icons


Because pausing is for losers…

Who doesn’t love a good idle animation?! “Not me!” said the lover of all things 2D and sprite-based, showing on the slightest tinge of grammatical uncertainty. I’ve been capturing a ton of video lately, so I decided to put together a quick sizzle of some idle animations from my favorite games, and some games that are crimes against humanity, yet feature beloved, recognizable characters. Let’s not over complicate this:

And big ups to Lynx Kinetic, who let me use his song “Uplift” once YouTube blocked my original song choice.

14 thoughts on “IDOL IDLE: The Idle Animations of Gaming Icons

  1. Love how the Jim Carry became Taz. I would say Jak and Daxter had some of my favorite Idle Animations.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t necessarily try and steer clear of 3D games, it’s just that their idle animations are a helluva lot harder to distinguish. Less special, I’d even say. There’s just something so unmistakable about a 2D character going idle, because more often than not, you’re seeing frames of animation that exist nowhere else in the game in any variation.

  2. Ah! Maui Mallard and Mickey Mania! I wasn’t expecting those. If I recall correctly, the animation in both was made by Creative Capers, who did a bunch of stuff for Disney and Warner Bros., including Nightmare Ned. I think Maui came right after Mickey Mania. I need to finish the Sega CD version of Mickey Mania one of these days…

  3. Dope video.

    I almost always wait and see for idle animations when I play a new game.

    When they aren’t there, I get a little sad even.

    Some of my favorites are pretty much any FPS (though namely Halo) where they play with the guns or check them out/etc. And Splinter Cell, Sam Fischer will turn around and look up at the camera and then use his hands/thumbs to mimic playing a controller, telling you to move him.

  4. Wonderful video, really liked a lot of these, and the way you put together both the Mask and Taz idle animation together was rather awesome.

  5. That was pretty fun to watch, lot of games I have never played nice seeing that great old game art in action.

  6. “What are you waiting for, Christmas?” still gets me (Duke Nukem 3D)

    Great video, really liked the music too.

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