Cape Crisis #102 – The Legend of Kevin Bacon


The boys have a ton to say about Guardians of the Galaxy, but before we go into the spoiler zone, we discuss DC’s movie plans up to 2020, #JanetVanCryme, what to read with cosmic comics, and the other bullshit we always chortle on about…


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Cape Crisis #102 Question: Your favorite part of Guardians of the Galaxy?

23 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #102 – The Legend of Kevin Bacon

  1. *GotG Spoilers*

    I completely agree with Christ about the Howard the Duck appearance. If you’re going to go to all the trouble of having him, and making him look like a shitty puppet anyway, why not use the shitty puppet people might actually recognize?

    1. Yeah, I think most people got it. I saw it a second time with my Dad, who was in stitches at Howard showing up at the end, having only seen the original movie once in theaters with me, when I was a kid.

  2. No episode of Cape Crisis goes over my head. My ear reflexes are too fast…I would listen to it.

  3. Is it too cheesy to say the whole thing? Yes? Fine…

    I guess after Star-Lord lands on Morag. The (real) intro sequence, all of it. The fantastic song, the dancing and lip-syncing, him kicking the little rat things and then it being capped off with the great Raiders homage of him looking at the orb.

  4. after groot kills a bunch of guards , turns around with the biggest “i did good?” puppy face ever, big laughs in the cinema

  5. Rumor has it Adam Warlock will be Star-Lord’s father, the movie hits at this in a couple of ways most importantly the end where the Nova Prime says he is part of something more ancient. His mother always refers to his father as an Angel full of light.

    Could be an interesting way to introduce Warlock and connect him to the Guardians and the next film.

  6. I feel like DC’s movie plans change every fucking week. And besides the first two Nolan Batman movies, we have yet to see ANYTHING good out of them. And it’s a shame, because Bruce Timm and the rest of the animation division continue to produce wonders year after year, for decades.

  7. Has to be towards the end of the movie when Star lord is flying all serious and Drax is in the backseat laughing and having a good time. Ive seen the movie twice and both times the theater erupted in laughter at that scene.

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: DC, Fox and Sony have far worse, but also far better sueprhero movies than most of Marvel. Why? Because they had something to prove, and despite Warner Bros being money-hungry and wanting to force Justice League on my Superman sequel and potentially fucking everything up, the first Man of Steel was (mostly) good because they let Snyder do his thing.

    Most of the MCU just seems like filler. Even with all of its flaws, I’d take Man of Steel and Dark Knight Rises over any MCU movie that isn’t a Cap America, The Avengers or the first half of Iron Man, any day of the week.

    Besides, if they had made Wonder Woman any more colourful I guarantee that people would bitch about it. Not a doubt about it. Plus, Wonder Woman does have that bronze warrior look going on that people seemed to love a few years back (including me). It just seems like nitpicking for the sake of it nowadays.

    I respect Mark Waid but his experience with Superman doesn’t necessarily mean that I should listen to him and I don’t really like the whole thing of taking advantage of his position to be butthurt about the movie. I don’t doubt that in 5-10 years a lot of kids are going to start posting everywhere about how Man of Steel was underappreciated.

    Goddamn. I’m putting waay to much energy defending this movie. Someone tag me out.

      1. —-IRON MAN 3 SPOILERS—-

        I should have added Iron Man 3 to that list. I don’t know why I didn’t, but only when Tony Stark is around. Those scenes were great. The villain just seems like yet another badguy (man, villains in the Iron Man series really, really suck). Hell, the scene where Tony assaults the mansion armed only with tech wizardry is pretty good.

  9. In regards to the final confrontation, I thought it was a great deconstruction of the final villain monolog speech.

    In any case, it didn’t bother me that Ronan stopped what he was doing to watch Peter dance, because Ronan didn’t think he had anything to loose at that point. It wasn’t a race against time, he thought he had all the time in the world, and this asshole just ruined his big moment by dancing like an idiot. Of course he would want to confront the guy. He was an ego manic.

    And even after Peter retrieved the stone, it is clear during the slow motion, that Ronan still thought he won, by the smirk. It wasn’t until all four grabbed hands when Ronan finally realized he was fucked.

    If he really hadn’t cared about Peter dancing, he wouldn’t have come out of the rubble giving his stereotypical, “You worthless mortals” speech, he would have just ended it. He wanted the stage and attention.

  10. QOTW: Drax getting drunk and calling Ronan to Knowhere was the best moment. Keeping with Guardians’ irreverence, the fact that a major plot point hinges upon a “generic” character sworn to vengeance going against the team’s plan and drunk-dialing the villain to come fight him is the movie in a nutshell. The best part of this moment comes around later when Drax understands he can’t win against Ronan alone, and needs help from his friends, motley crew that they are.

    It felt so perfect and grimy, cute and clumsy, just like the rest of the movie’s heart and soul.

    Lastly, Rocket getting angry after Quill is taken, “You! Are! Making! Me! Kick! Grass!”

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