Burnin’ through the BACKLOG: Let’s play together!


All this week, I’m hoping to stream a significant chunk of my gaming backlog every day at 2PM PACIFIC/5PM EASTERN on our Twitch channel. But I’m gonna need your help. Wanna see something played? Wanna play with us?! Vote, help, or just offer a suggestion.

I can’t tell you how bizarre the last few years have been for me. One of the strangest byproducts of working on a stupid, filthy web/podcast venture means a lot of my free time has been chewed up and spat out underneath the very URL you’re currently reading this. Back when I was walking the gritty beat of hardcore GAEMZ JARNALISM, I really did pride myself in playing, literally, EVERYTHING. Even if it was just for an hour, I wanted a conscious snapshot of everything the medium had to offer. Fuck, have the wheels fallen off of that crazy train?!

Never played it

Well, due to personal budgetary concerns and the insurmountable amount of games released every week, it’s highly doubtful I’ll ever return to those hyper-dutiful days. However, there’s still a way I can get around to playing what’s truly important. But I’m gonna need your help…

This game was seemingly made specifically for me, yet I’ve only played the first 30 minutes?!

So this week – and who knows?! – maybe part of next, I’m going to be playing/streaming through the most important blind spots in my long and storied career as a self-appointed Pop Culture Expert! Below you shall find a simple poll which shall help us decide what we stream today, and I strongly encourage you to suggest things not found in the poll so that they can be incorporated in later polls. Whenever the possibility of co-op can present itself, by all means, hop the fuck in! (Just let me know if you’re interested in the comments or Twitter)

-Streams will begin from now until Friday EVERY DAY AT 2PM PACIFIC/5PM EASTERN on our Twitch channel.
-I currently do not have a PS4, nor a working PS3. My apologies to Sony, but if you can figure out how to get a Vita up and streaming…
-I might go a little retro, especially in lieu of recent events.
-If you would like to play with me, be sure you’re available at the selected time, then let me know your platform preference.
-Wii U: MrAnis
-Xbox: AnisJustice
-PC: I dunno… this is me

12 thoughts on “Burnin’ through the BACKLOG: Let’s play together!

  1. This is a great idea Chris, this should be fun! I voted for Pikmin because it’s in my backlog too, and I’d like to see some Nintendo at some point this week.

  2. Dishonored is fantastic, but it wouldn’t make as entertaining a stream as Blood Dragon. I was belly laughing at least every couple of minutes.

    backlogged Bioshock last week. good times

  3. I suggest waiting on HALO4 until the Xbone Master Chief collection – it may run a little nicer, plus the streaming will be easier! Outlast is a pretty good game to stream…

  4. I’ve already disturbed Chris on steam, hoping for Pikmin 3.

    The poll thing doesn’t really want to work for me it seems, but hopefully that wins out.

  5. About time. You’ve been teasing this for months. Having spent most of the year playing through my backlog, I have to say I hope I’ll never have to do that again. Hell, I’m kind of dreading watching these streams alone.

  6. Wait on Halo 4 and I might be able to hop on and play another day this week.

    I voted Pikmin for today but excited to watch any of those games played really.

  7. Minor sugestion; how about a Stallone weekend featuring cliffhanger, demolition man, judge dredd and rambo 3. Stallone may have the most 16 bit movie games of any actor. Have you guys picked the contest winners for the toy sex contest?

  8. I have a suggestion: If you guys ever want to stream some 4 player games, go with Sumotori Dreams, Gang Beasts (imagine sumotori crossed with a Stallone action movie) and Mount Your Friends (you can put your faces in there, seriously, like a talkradar thumbnail come to life).

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