The Hook brings you back


[UPDATE: YouTube archive embedded for your viewing pleasure]

I sincerely apologize for the Blues Traveler quote, but it looks as if Laser Time’s streaming Hook today at 2pm Pacific/5PM Eastern

Thanks you all of you for the kind words on our Robin Williams piece yesterday. Perhaps we can put a little honey mustard on our grief with the DEFINITIVE HOOK STREAM!

9 thoughts on “The Hook brings you back

    1. Yeah, that kinda worries me… Hook on the SNES? Are you seriously telling me Chris this has been in your backlog since the early ’90s when the rest of the games on the backlog voting list were just from the last 2-3 years? Did you somehow… KNOW? 🙁

  1. I wouldn’t normally request something out of the blue, but I would love to see you stream the P.T. demo from the PS Store. oh shit, no PS4. have a friend being over one. it’ll take you 1 1/2 hrs, tops. mind blowing horror goodness.

    much respect to Mr. Williams, I’ll watch the Hook video later time.

  2. Wow deaths happen in 3’s and it is coming true due to the death of Lauren Bacall. Hopefully the third death is a Kardashian and hopefully or preferably its the mom cause she is the worst one! Lasertime should predict the next death in Hollywood.

  3. Re-watching the child endangerment video today got me thinking it could be really funny to watch you guys stream Heavy Rain, especially because I’ve never actually played it..

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