Cape Crisis #103 – Where To Start?


Henry and Chris are doing their best to deal with the dark times around them, so it’s lucky that we have Tim Turi as a guest to cheer us. He gives us an eyewitness report from the new TMNT, which hastens talk about Archie comics, Evil Dead, the loss of Robin Williams, and how you introduce new readers to comics…


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Cape Crisis #103 Question: Whats your strategy for introducing new readers to comics?

16 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #103 – Where To Start?

  1. Gah I put a spoiler warning in my answer to last week’s QOTW out of courtesy and Henry skipped it even though he read practically the same scene from another user.
    Oh well.

    1. I generally try to avoid Papa Johns cause of their asshole politics.

      Anyway, Pizza Hut’s pizza is pretty mediocre all around, but I still fucking LOVE Stuffed Crust.

      And a local pizza place I frequent totally still has the cheese that forms long strings every time you take a slice. And they’re like the best pizza around. I’m pretty sure that’s what mozerella is SUPPOSED to do, so I don’t consider it “cheap plastic cheese”.

  2. The first ninja turtle toy I bought was Storage Shell Donatello. It was awesome, cause it looked just like the regular toy(no weird theme outfit), but the shell opened up and he had a bunch of extra weapons inside.

    And I guess that was popular, because the next year, they released Storage Shell versions of the other 3 turtles as well.

    I owned all four of them, and they were pretty much the only TMNT toys I ever got.

  3. Where to begin. Thanks Lasertime Network. I think these shows have become therapy for me. I’ve been coming to terms in the past few months that people like and hate different things. To shit on Man of Steel amazes me. The same goes for Iron Man 3 or ANY love for the old TMNT show. Maybe it’s because I seem to be in the minority or maybe it’s because I judge it on what it’s goal was. See this is why I stopped being friends with “fanboys”: exhaustion. Thanks to Chris Antista, I am seeing it differently; it helps he may also be the funniest human being. Chris’ encouragement to give Henry a chance has swayed me. There was a Lasertime that Henry came up with that was awesome! Cape Crisis isn’t so bad and I am beginning to get him better. After all he is classified in my head as one of those fanboys.

    I still disagree with some of the opinions here but it’s getting easier to not lose my god damn mind. I came to the realization around that time Chris responded, that I am doing exactly what the fanboys are doing that irks the shit out of me. I think, my rambling aside, I am trying to say I appreciate Henry more now. I disagree with everyone in some way, but it isn’t a big deal. I mean, I like stupid shit, like Kamen Rider when I’m to old too.

    As an aside, Puroresu IS awesome as is Lucha Libre. Fuck man, I would recommend Chikara Pro if anyone wants insane wrestling. Finally, concerning Robin Williams…THREE WORDS: DEATH TO SMOOCHY.

    1. You’re most definitely not the only one Jzilla989, while I acknowledge it has faults and needs a few more jokes I still really liked Man of Steel. I thought Iron Man 3 had the opposite problem: too many jokes to paper over a dull film that commits the exact same problem as Dark Knight Rises (not enough of the titular superhero) but doesn’t get called out for it, and it’s the only Marvel movie to commit the cardinal sin (that the new TMNT also does) of not treating a vital piece of the franchise’s history with respect – The Mandarin. They basically took a dump on one of their major characters, and are now retconning things to say “actually he wasn’t THE Mandarin…”. I love Marvel, but this is pathetic.

      I almost gave up on Cape Crisis after the Man of Steel episode, but these guys are just too damn lovable and fun to give up on.

  4. I really enjoyed the Evil Dead musical when it played in Toronto several years back. no blood cannons for us though. much better than the Toxic Avenger musical.

  5. QOTW: For me it was showing my uninitiated freinds AMC Comic Book men. I know you guys are not Kevin Smith fans but you cant deny he has done alot to legitimizing comics for non readers and bring them into the mainstream.

  6. When people ask me where to start reading (almost a daily occurrence as I have my own comic podcast geeks with wives & capes). I always ask what villains they are interested in. Because in my opinion the villains are often what make the stories most interesting so if you find a villain you like it’s easy to find a story to coincide with them. Granted this doesn’t work for every comic but I still contended that if you can find a villain you like you can find a story you will enjoy as well.

  7. It is an interesting side bar that not everyone are saddened by Robin’s passing. The KATG podcast or atleast one of the hosts has done nothing but talk shit about him because earlier in his career he stole some material. Which was common at the time. To learn more listen to the WTF podcast Henry discussed. Pretty classy to talk shit like that. Not trying to instigate a podcast war but yeah. It’s one of the many reasons I like this network better.

  8. i feel like with hollywood, they won’t fully get behind something or be fully invested in a franchise unless it’s at the height of its popularity. ninja turtles first live action movie had people invested because the franchise was basically at its crescendo moment.

  9. I understand what Tim is saying about give the new TMNT a chance because it’s fun if nothing else, but it’s a dangerous path to go down.

    I said the same thing after the first Transformers. “Hey it was fun, even if it was nothing like Transformers and it got people interested in the brand.” Now look where we are. We shouldn’t support these bastardizations of brands we love, when Marvel has proven if you stick closer to the source material you make a more successful film.

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