Guess the Game Commercial: Do-Do-Do-Do You Have It?


HINT: Rhymes with “Butts.” Let’s go to Mo, MO!

STOP SCROLLING: In Guess the Game Commercial, we invite you to guess which game is being advertised based solely on a single out-of-context screen grab. The video below will feature the commercial and generally a short sizzle of our own making with the game in question. Scroll no further than the video below unless you’re stumped and ready to spoil the answer for yourself…

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ANSWER: Nickelodeon GUTS! [SNES, 1994]


I certainly hope you don’t have it, and if you do, I sincerely hope you didn’t pay money for it. FUCK THIS GAME! Perhaps its just the world-weary player in me who watched over a billion mini-game compilations arrive on the Wii and seemingly succeed, but you would think the pinnacle of Nickelodeon game shows could convert into a half decent game.



According to Wikipedia, there  were over 40 unique events in the history of Guts, in all its various incarnations. One would think, even something as low powered as a SNES cartridge would not only yielded a couple unique game modes with the Guts license. Possibly even 3 or 4 fun ones? Even the NES Three Stooges game has a pleasant moment or two, surely Guts can nail a couple of events the added benefit of a new generation of hardware. So, how many unique games does Guts contain? Two, both atrocious. One a minor variation on what you see on the box, one a platforming stage that is recycled under different names, included the hallowed moniker of FUCKING AGGRO CRAIG!


To make matter worse, or hilarious if you’re not the one playing, the controls in the bungee levels make ZERO FUCKING SENSE. Let’s assume I lost the manual. THIS… is what constitutes a tutorial:

guts gif

What… ? An act as simple as shooting a basketball requires the use of at least EIGHT SNES buttons, and I can assure you they need to be pushed in a precise order because this game is impossible. Years before YouTube Let’s Players were giggling their dicks off at running simulators, Nickelodeon was selling it to helpless children at full price. Also remember, this is HALF the game. Whatever, I still love that the game commercial is one of the few, if not only one, narrated by the voice of Nickelodeon during the entire time I watched it. I’ve tried to look up his name before, anybody know it?

And just so the baker’s dozen of you watching Guess the Game Commercial know, a couple of entries have gone up stealthily on our YouTube channel. Also, because you’ve been such good boys and girls, I;d like to give you something else. You’ve definitely earned this:

nickelodeon guts game agro crag trophy win laser time

7 thoughts on “Guess the Game Commercial: Do-Do-Do-Do You Have It?

  1. What I woudn’t do for a piece of the aggro craig. I think I would be a bit scared being up at the small ledge at the top of an indoor mountain. Thankfully there’s plenty of ‘Guts handlers’ making sure I don’t hurt myself.

    Shout out to Baby D- The Worst Guts contestant ever?

    “Mad Max” “Zero-G” and “Basic Training” were my favorite events.

  2. Loved this show growing up. Thought the britsh referee chick was way hot lol Sure im not alone. Crazy to see the host on Glee all these years latter.

  3. as a canadian I treasured any time I could catch shows on Nock, but it goes without saying that I had no interest in this game

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