Stallone Week is the Law!


An entire week of live streams starring Sir Sylvester Stallone, starting today at 3PM Pacific/6PM Eastern on our Twitch channel…

Did you see how badly Expendables 3 shit the bed this week?! It would appear that the entire movie leaked onto the internet weeks ago, and not even the inclusion of Riggs, Han Solo, and Frasier to the semi-washed up action roster could put paying asses in the seats. Hell, I didn’t go to the theater either, so the way I see it, we kind of owe it to the man to give him a little free promotion (which he also will not be profiting off of) for at least assembling such a cast to close out his Expenda-trilogy.

For this we also have Sly to thank. 

Today, and today only I’m also giving you guys the chance to vote on which Sylvester Stallone game we stream today at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern. Because, you know, there ain’t many to choose from.

12 thoughts on “Stallone Week is the Law!

  1. Yeah well… Kinda his own fault that Expendables 3 bombed though, the first two were pretty “meh” and drab despite a cast and premise that should let them just have tons of mindless fun. Seeing how even the trailers and posters of this movie focused solely on “look! we have even MORE has beens in our roster!” instead of a more chaotic and fun affair, I’m really not surprised most people (including myself) haven’t bothered with it this time around.

  2. Thank you Chris! Gave me A Stalloner Boner when I saw this post! Hope cliffhanger is up first cause I had it on genesis and remember it feeling broken and cheap so should make a fun stream!

  3. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever played a Stallone game before, and I feel glad to have that accomplishment. That being said, I hope Rocky is the Xbox/PS2 era version and I’m gonna enjoy watching you guys suffer through these for our enjoyment.

  4. Gotta vote for Rocky, that game is so broken and buggy it’s gonna be a blast to see when/if it’s played.

    As for the Expendables 3 thing… blech. What a shitty franchise to begin with. I saw the first one some afternoon on Netflix, hoping for dumb fun and it’s too self-serious and 90% Stallone and Jason Statham, which SHOULD be fine, but no. It just sucks.

    Then you see Terry Crews (and others probably) talking about how they’d love to do a crossover with Fast & Furious. How dare they try to drag the far superior action movies down with them! You want great, dumb fun action movies, watch F&F 5 and 6.

    1. I don’t want The Expendables to cross over with Fast and Furious, but I’d be fine if Terry Crews just joins the FF franchise.

    1. That game is awesome so I totally agree! Love how each character got bro added to their name lol classic.

  5. Thank you for the plug Chris and sorry dredd for super nes was so bad and broken but any day with a little Stallone cant be considered a failure? I learned that from the angel in its a wonderful life or was it friends? Go with Stallone.

  6. voted for Rocky, hopefully that means PS2. that game is busted beyond belief. at least AVGN made it look that way.

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