The Console Wars according to Spongebob Squarepants


Spongebob, Patrick and Squidward stand in for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo in this surprisingly accurate dramatization of the race to be the dominant post-E3 disc spinner…

Trust me, I rarely go for these kinds of things. You know, the type of crude meme-ery generated to entertain a demographic solely consisting of NeoGAF fanboys? But damned if I didn’t consistently laugh out loud at Lifeliketextube‘s startlingly accurate recontextualization of an ancient Spongebob episode, acting as an animated analogy for gaming’s most notorious display of annual prick waving. It’s on the long side, but I’m sure you already know whether or not it’s your kind of thing, and I found it totally worth the trip.

11 thoughts on “The Console Wars according to Spongebob Squarepants

  1. Love the xbox logo on the snail! Great original content, love it! Giant bomb who? Jk love Giant bomb but I’m Lasertime 4 life lol

  2. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I’m not going to seriously listen to gaming opinions from a man who owns the console equivalent of a Windows Phone, defends his stack of dollar store-tier Disney toys and has a sealed copy of Chilli Con Carnage in any location in his home other than the trash. It’s time to get serious with this hobby, Chris. Just buy an OUYA.

    1. Well… then you’ll be happy to know I didn’t make this video, so it’s not compromised by my apparently worthless bias? I’ll buy an OUYA when the price drops $100 or so, until then: PRE-ORDER CANCELLED!

        1. Well it’s a system that’s currently very easy to criticize. It’s like the old TDar days where it was easy to heap crap onto the PS3.

  3. I think you could remake this video but have it be about the superhero cinematic universes competing at SDCC ’14:

    Spongebob- WB/DC
    Gary- Batman V. Superman
    Squidward- Marvel
    Snelly- Avengers 2
    Patrick- Sony
    Rock- Amazing Spider-Man

  4. not pictured is the ouya, because even the Seabed is too high a praise for it. Also
    >using greentext out of the mysterious fourchans

  5. This episode was already funny. Now it’s one of the most hilarious gaming metaphors I’ve seen.

    When Patrick says “Conference??” I lost it. Also Microsoft bombast at the start…

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