Pierce Brosnon sucks at GoldenEye


The fourth best James Bond sucks at the best James Bond Game… BAAAH-NU-NU-NUH-NAAAAAAAAAAAAH

I rarely got review celebrities, especially nowadays. So perhaps its due to gaming be the reason for those rare occasions I did get to gab with (almost never remotely close to) the Hollywood Elite, I can’t shake the idea of asking about their likenesses in stupid fucking movie games of yore, and better still, making those jerkasses play that shit. Welp, Jimmy Fallon has basically stolen my Tonight Show idea, but hey, he kinda got there first. And instead of making Arnold or Jim Carrey wallow in their console crapulence, he actually got Pierce Brosnan to play Goldeneye, one of the most cherished games ever made. The results were… to be expected.

Oh well, maybe Fallon coulda picked, i dunno, A BETTER BOND? Thank you and goodnight.

5 thoughts on “Pierce Brosnon sucks at GoldenEye

  1. Well, I mean to be fair if you gave me an N64 controller right now and told me to fight someone I’d probably have no idea what I’m doing. It has to be around a decade since I last played one.

  2. Man, he handled that controller almost as poorly as his agent handled his acting career boom! Mama fucking Mia?

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