TODAY: You better watch out for the Demolition Man


[UPDATE: YouTube Archive added below for your viewing pleasure!]

Today at 3PM PACIFIC/6PM Eastern. The question isn’t WHY stream Demolition Man (It’s Stallone Week, duh) it’s WHICH Demolition Man are we streaming?!… be there!

4 thoughts on “TODAY: You better watch out for the Demolition Man

  1. I’ll trust you on this one Chris, you did make Cliffhanger interesting…just hoping that Rocky PS2 game is still in mind for tomorrow…Thesilentpartner will be there.

  2. I promise this game is actually competent and fun. Had it for super nes and the fact it had actual Stallone dialogue from the movie in it made it an instant moan4stallone classic. It actually only has Stallone yelling “Send a maniac to catch one.” Still awesome to hear a 16 bit Sly thou.

  3. Ah, damn! I missed this one. There must be a way to record that chat feed. I’ll be checking out the archive later. I guess the soundtrack wasn’t picked up by youtube’s terminators, then?

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