Vidjagame Apocalypse 77 – Genesis Turns 25


We’re about a week late to the party here, but that bad boy of ’90s gaming, the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive to our international listeners), just celebrated 25 years since its U.S. launch. Somehow, we managed to stop pitying ourselves about advancing age long enough to put together a tribute to our five favorite franchises from Sega’s glory days. Then it’s on to talking about Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition and WWE SuperCard, more griping about current-gen consoles, and your favorite memories of Robin Williams.

Question of the Week

Which upcoming game will be the first to end the summer game drought for you?



And hey, Chris put together another video based on our Top 5 about movie games from 1994! Do us a favor and watch it, why don’t you?

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28 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 77 – Genesis Turns 25

  1. QOTW: Persona Arena 2, me and my fighting game buddies from my local scene are going to split the money on Digital copies of the game when it hits the japanese PSN. Persona 4 Arena is my second favorite fighter, so I’m super excited for it. As for the first game I’m going to buy full price at retail? Bayonetta 2, either game could be my game of the year for this year.

    1. I was gonna say smash bros but yea P4AU basically kicks off all these other awesome games coming out for me. Smash bros comes out shortly after and I’ve recently gotten into borderlands so I’m pretty excited to play the pre-sequel once that comes out.

    1. I liked them both. They were fun and knowingly dumb. They knew you just wanted to see actions stars you know do some cool action scenes and they delivered that. 3 is apparently just dumb dumb.

      1. I live by only a few rules. One of them is, “If Terry Crews is in it, I will watch it”. There have been some bumps in the road (White Chicks), but for the most part it hasn’t led me astray (Idiocracy). I did like the first couple Expendables though, just stupid mindless fun. If you go into it prepared for anything but that, you are going to have a bad time*

        *example of a bad time : White Chicks

        1. I agree 100 percent and was dissapointed by Terry once but it wasn’t his fault. That hack director Mc G cut Terry out of Terminator Salvation and ruined that film for me. I think his role on Brooklyn 99 is by far his best performance since friday after next lol. P.S. I can defend both expendable’s movies as throwbacks to a forgotten era of action cinema that I remember due to me being 32 years old.

        2. Then you should avoid #3. He is barely in it. But of course none of them are actually expendable so he just winds up injured and out of the movie. *sigh*

  2. QOTW: “Tales of Xilla 2 is out this week” “Have fun weebs”

    – I WILL! Sure, it’s pretty much the most archetypal shit ever, and sure, they’ve barely changed their methods in the last generation, but I find those old tropes comforting. Rag-tag team, going on adventures, made up words that sound really stupid to western ears, it’s just a good old fashioned JRPG. It’s not going to set the world on fire, “for fans of the genre” and 7s across the board I’m sure, but it’s a fun little game to keep me busy through September when the real bombs start dropping, assuming they aren’t all pushed back to March like every other year.

  3. QofW: I will be grabbing Madden 15 for PS4 because it is the socially required thing to do for me and my group of friends. That being said, I’m not particularly looking forward to it. The next game I am actually excited for is the new Smash Bros game coming out late this year (wii u version). On a related note, you guys should do a Smash Bros tournament when its released, bracketed with each of you facing a LaserTime fan in round one. Can we figure a way to livestream that? Cuz I would watch the shit outta a smash tourney.

  4. As the only living final fantasy 11 player final fantasy 11 will end my drought. (we had a lot of good content and updates this summer)

    Actually the dark souls 2 dlc are keeping me entertained until I can get destiny with my white cream dream ps4 !

  5. I know I am the only guy in the world who is waiting for Gauntlet for the pc to drop and dissapoint all, but I have fond memories of playing the late 90s 3d remake in the arcades so Im going to give this game a shot. Still waiting for a proper Die Hard Arcade sequel or at least a HD psn version that would mos definitely get tha summer wet holla!

  6. QOTW: “This thirst, this clawing, gnawing agonizes me. Each day I long for salvation. The sweet, cool life giving salvation that only one thing can give. I muster through horrible release after horrible release, Xbone sitting empty, waiting for the drought to end. Someday it will come…someday, my thirst will be satiated… I will be free from the summer doldrums…I will be saved…… by the release of the Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Combo Pack. Humphrey the Bear, you’re next.” -Chris Antista, 08/21/2014

  7. I know that this is the obvious mainstream answer, but since I played the crap out of its beta and my biggest complaint with it was “why can’t I play more of this game?”, it would have to be Destiny. In fact, that is probably the last expensive game I will be able to get this year, because since I upgraded to the Limited Edition after how impressed I was with the beta build which gives me access to the first two expansions and I was addicted to the competitive multi-player in that game, I know that it will be a title that will last me a while. The fact that I also have Games with Gold doesn’t hurt my gaming habits either, though I do wish I could play Bayonetta 2 since I loved the first one, but I will not be able to get a Wii U at the present time.

  8. Hyrule Warriors, the product of the ultimate random game mash up generator where Link will finally go on a bloody rampage that he’s been bottling up for a long time coming from his never ending blue balls.

  9. What? there are games coming out to look forward to? I dono for the past three years my tastes in games has morphed into that of an annoying hipster prick who’s only interested in the latest Touhou game or something that has jiggling breasts and panty shots in it. Can’t even muster a sliver of enthusiasm for what ever shooter yearly sequel the press says we should be excited about. So top asking me about Dragon Aged Intermission or Far Cry More Jonathan, I don’t care.

    What ever I’m looking forward to Bayonetta 2 but don’t have a wii u and probably won’t get one for a while since I’m going back to hopefully my last year of school. So i guess Legend of Kora will have to suffice. Then I can look forward to importing Guilty Gear Xrd from Japan in December as my Christmas gift. YAY GAMES!!!!

  10. BTW guys, looking at achievements on X1 is a lot easier. When the achievement unlocks you can hold the button and it pops open in snap and shows you what achievement you just unlocked. And from there you can also see your progress on other achievements.

    Source: I just unlocked some achievements on the ReddX app and did this and it is exactly how it worked.

  11. I’m not normally bothered that you guys rarely read my responses, but I wish you’d gotten around to my Robin Williams memory. thought I worded that rather poignantly.

  12. I feel like I’m missing something because when I get an achievement on Xbox One I just hold down the Xbox button and it opens on the left side of my screen (the snap section). Is that what the guys were complaining about?

    QOTW: Destiny is the first new game I’m interested in.

  13. I’m very dissapointed that there wasn’t any P.T. gushing. I mean, sure I’ve listened to a lot of people already give their opinions about it and hearing more opinions won’t make the game come out any faster, but I want you to gush! Gush for me!

  14. In case you guys were actually curious about the hardware difference between the PS4 and Xbox One. I’ll try to sum it up as simply as I can.

    Both systems have 8gb of ram yes, and the ps4’s is much faster but that isn’t the big differentiator between their performance. Both systems have relatively weak(by PC standards)CPUs so they are basically dead even there. The place where the ps4 pulls ahead is the GPU. Despite what some of the more ignorant people on the internet might think, neither system has a low end card nor high end. They are both point blank midrange chipsets which is to say they are both very good. The thing is the XB1 basically has the equivalent of a 7790 while the PS4’s is a close match for the 7850, a card that is one notch above in performance. I believe that card is about 40 percent faster, I used to have one, they’re great. I believe digital foundry benchmarked both of these cards in otherwise identical PC builds around the release of the systems and in general the 7850 was ahead by about 8-10 FPS under identical scenarios if I remember correctly. Which may not seem like much but is quite a lot in the console space.

    So you have a 40 percent difference in GPU power(after the most recent XB1 patch giving back some of the power which was previously reserved for kinect) which has lead to a resolution difference of about the same percentage across a lot of multi platform games, 1600 x 900 vs 1920 x 1080. Most devs thus far have decided to lower the resolution on the XB1 versions of games while keeping parity everywhere else they can, shadows, textures, lighting and FPS have pretty much been the same across the board with a few exceptions while games like Destiny, Diablo 3 and a pretty much every EA game have been the same on both systems.

    The other really big issue though is Sony’s dev tools were great from the start, allowing devs to get every ounce of power they needed out of the hardware with no issues, while the XB1’s tools have been shit until very recently which is why parity is becoming a bit more common now. So the 40 percent performance difference in GPU power will never change but at least the system is starting to be able to do what it’s supposed to do. Both systems are absolutely next gen though and aside from resolution I imagine you will continue to see similar results on both.

    Hopefully someone finds this interesting, I know most don’t give a shit about this stuff but you guys mentioned it and I’m a total dork for hardware so there we are. Apologies for any typos, I’m walking right now so typed this on my phone.

  15. Question of the Week – What upcoming game am I looking at to end the summer drought? For the last couple of summers, it’s been Madden ##. Being a lifelong Seattle resident and Seahawks fan, it’s been fun seeing the home team become a juggernaut in the game.

    However, in addition to Madden this year, other games I am looking forward to include Alien Isolation and Mortal Kombat X.

  16. It’s weird them saying that they wish Gunstar Heroes and Contra had gone head-to-head or something, because Treasure was pretty much founded by former Contra developers from Konami.

    Also, I think their 2nd best game after GSH may be that GBA Astro Boy game. That game fucking rules.

  17. Toejam & Earl is one of my most enduring Sega Genesis memories, as one of my first home console video games (along with the pack-in Sonic). I especially love it for it’s still-innovative split screen multiplayer, where two characters can share the same full screen, or when they walk away from one another, the screen splits naturally and they can go off and explore independently, until they meet up again and the screen once again merges. So much better than poor poor Tails in Sonic 2. The randomly generated landscape exploration essentially made a game out of 100% the minimap, while avoiding the insane murderous humans, bees, chickens, and that #$@! invisible boogeyman “BOOGEY BOOGEY BOOGEY!”. Total cartoon-logic world. Also love that when you fall off of the inexplicably free-floating landmass of level 3, you would land on level 2. I was so happy when SEGA released this for PSN, and bought it day 1 and have played it to finish several times.

  18. Anyone got a link to the video of the guy stacking S&K carts on top of each other? I found the terrible Guts contestant, but not the other one Chris was talking about.

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