Anybody ready for a week of SIMPSONS streams?!


[UPDATE: We’ve embedded each and every Simpsons Stream below. All but one are well worth watching!]

Old man yells at THE CLOUD today at 4PM PACIFIC/7PM EASTERN on Laser Time’s Twitch channel

As if we weren’t already up to our nipples in Simpsons stuff, we’ll be taking a look back at The Simpsons’ gaming legacy, and it’s nowhere near as illustrious, I can assure you. I figured today we’d start off where it began for most of us, with some old school, NES coverage. Tomorrow, however, I’d really like to stream the Arcade Game on Xbox Live, so let me know if you want to join me for some co-op (I CALL BART!) GT: AnisJustice, let me know in the comments if you’d like to join me.

FYI, we’re getting a late start today, but we should be live at 3PM PACIFIC every other day this week.

DAY 1: Simpsons NES Trilogy – Bart vs The Space Mutant, Radioactive Man, and The World. 

DAY 2: The Simpsons Arcade Game – Still Splendid

DAY 3: 16-Bit Simpsons – FOUR SNES Simpsons games in chronological order


DAY 5: The Simpsons Game – A frustratingly dated platformer coated in three or four fairly good Simpsons episodes

5 thoughts on “Anybody ready for a week of SIMPSONS streams?!

  1. I remember playing a Simpsons game on my gameboy that was a tie in to the Bart and Lisa go to camp. I know I can google it but how about one of the lasertime fans hits me up if they know it thanks.

  2. In case you were wondering, Simpsons Hit & Run holds up the best, with the 2007 Simpsons Game a VERY distinct second. Everything else is kinda garbage.

    Streamable Garbage, mind you! But not recommended for players.

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