These Star Wars Episode VII posters are too good to be real


Once again, a fan has risen up to make something Star Wars related more awesome than anything done officially

We’ve been fortunate enough to receive several rather amazing Episode VII thingymajigs from Disney as of late, so yeah, it’s probably high time we returned to fans doing Star Wars far better service than Lucasfilm itself. And as you well know, Laser Time loves itself some dorky posters, and we’re happy to report that someone has risen up to heed the call in that department. Good speed, AndrewSS7. We almost forgot about Luke Skywalker for a second there!

You know, it’s actually kind of odd that we haven’t seen an official poster for The War of Stars yet. Yeah, the movie’s over a year away (scheduled for December 2015, FYI) but I mean, the Batman vs Superman movie is currently scheduled for 2016 and I feel like WB releases a new asset every 45 seconds. Yeah, we’ve seen some leaked set photos, but I’m not sure if Episode VII has so much as an official logo. Which is weird, because we all have some idea what it’ll look like already.


Whatever. AndrewSS7 has concocted several beautiful Episode VII one-sheets depicting questions I haven’t asked myself since I was a child. Yes, Return of the Jedi was once the only Star Wars movie to me, but I still remember wondering what happened to the thousands of people murdered onscreen.


Lest we forget, this family-friendly film series implies that multiple planets (at least one real and two manufactured) and entire species have been obliterated, even if the mass genocides occur out of frame, far away, and/or safely away from the front of lunchboxes. As a lad, I wasn’t so much thinking about that, but did want to know where the Imperial ships and debris crashed after Return of the Jedi, since it seemed they were very much within Endor’s orbit and subject to gravity.


God I love that poster! It’s exactly how I imagined it three decades ago. Before this, only Kevin Smith had the balls to tackle the issue of innocent lives lost in the seemingly righteous destruction of The Empire. But hey, I guess people on the internet don’t care to discuss Star Wars…

Oh, and you should really check out AndrewSS7’s other poster work. Even his non-Star Wars stuff is likely to stroke you to a nerdy climax. Like this Supes poster!


8 thoughts on “These Star Wars Episode VII posters are too good to be real

  1. Don’t fuck this up, JJ. These posters are incredible, and my hype levels for the new movie are rising. Please, god, don’t fuck it up…

  2. That millennium falcon poster is epic! I own all of the 97 Drew Struzan posters but ima have to make room for this one.

  3. I thought these were official for a second and my heart literally stopped.

    Time to re-watch the Original Trilogy again!

  4. They look great… But The new movies are 30 years later, don’t think fires would still be burning

  5. These posters are GARBAGE. What kind of a tagine is that? War Aftermath. Sooo StOoPiD. Yeah JJ, make a movie about where all the shit crashed and how it affected each ecosystem. I’m glad the idiot fanboys have no input in this.

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