Today is gonna be a 16-bit Simpsons-stravaganza!

[UPDATE: There’s your YouTube Archive. No, it’s right up there!]

Join us at 3PM PACIFIC (6PM EASTERN) for a deep dive into SNES Springfield!

That’s a total of FOUR GAMEZ if you’re keeping score. Please let Chris know when he can stop…

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One thought on “Today is gonna be a 16-bit Simpsons-stravaganza!

  1. Hey Chris, you mentioned having difficulty with some games on the stream.

    If you’re trying to get Road Rage running, the Gamecube version works on Dolphin without any serious issues. DX9 and DX11 should both work.

    If it’s Hit & Run, the PC version is playable on modern PCs with only minor tweaks to the .exe compatibility settings. Setting it to Windows ME compatibility fixes a loading bug which causes loads to take up to 5 minutes instead of 3 seconds.

    If it’s Simpsons Skateboarding, that game is a nightmare and PCSX2 does not play nice with it, so don’t waste your time. It freezes if you have a “memory card” set up and even if you get it to load, it chokes every 10 seconds.

    If it’s the 2007 Simpsons game, the PS2 version works on PCSX2, but the camera is broken and some of the shaders don’t render, so it’s probably best to skip this.

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