Let’s do this: Five Nights at Freddy’s Stream

TONIGHT AT 7:45PM PACIFIC (10:45PM EASTERN) Survival Horror set inside a Chuck E. Cheese?! As pointed out by many of you, this game has Laser Time written all over it, join Chris & Mikel for our first every livestreamed pants-shitting!

Watch live video from LaserTime on www.twitch.tv

9 thoughts on “Let’s do this: Five Nights at Freddy’s Stream

  1. That was a fun stream, happy to see a late night one as these are far easier for me to tune into live. If you end up doin another night of this game I would tune in, strange and slow but it was like watching a horror movie where I was yelling at you guys to not do whatever you were doing most of the time.

  2. for only $5, anyone with any interest at all should pick this shit up. even my ancient stupid ass PC runs it splendidly.

  3. So glad you guys did this. Even with little action on screen, your banter made the stream. Really benefits to have a second person as well, if only just to monitor the chat.

  4. Man, I wish I had seen this live! That was one of the most fun streams you guys have done in a while! More streams with Mikel when you can! Awesome stuff…

  5. Great video of a game ive never heard of. Idea for a future stream would be evil within and you could set it up like Joe Bob Briggs Monster vision only lasertimed for Halloween.

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