Lotsa gorgeous Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art


Get a massive look at the unseen art that inspired Guardians of the Galaxy…

It feels like a ding-dong daggum eternity since we’ve written about Guardians of the Galaxy. Obviously, the movies long been out, been crowned the 2014 box office champ, and the fandom has showed next to no sign of slowing down. Hell, I’ve been dying to see it again since opening night. One of the last things I personally put together was some Guardians iOS Wallpapers, and today we have art that puts my hackjob to shame.

Guardians_KevJenkins (31)

GotG concept artist Kev Jenkins has posted a shitload of concept art images from the film on his blogspot, and damned if they aren’t far better suited for your desktops, Twitter backgrounds and Facebook cover images. Evidently he’s also responsible for one of my most memorable visual takeaways from the film, the giant celestial head planet known as Knowhere.


Says Kev:
“Before I joined ILM I contributed  to Guardians of the Galaxy.  Hired by the production at the beginning of the show I developed images For Morag, Xandar and Knowhere… I designed the Knowhere Robot Head and  have included the image chosen by Marvel that inspired the direction.”

You can see even more gorgeous Guardians below, and still more over on Jenkins site with some additional info.

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3 thoughts on “Lotsa gorgeous Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art

  1. Ah shame none of these seem large enough to be a wallpaper. Also wasn’t Knowhere in a Celestial’s head? Who would build a robot that big? ! A giant Sentinel!

  2. This might be one of my favorite art styles. It’s notably similar to the art by Matteo Scalera in Image’s Black Science. If this type of art floats your boat then I would highly recommend the check it out.

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