Cape Crisis #107 – Four People, One Million Opinions


It’s a packed house this week as Henry and Chris are joined by Dave Rudden and Tyler Wilde to discuss a ton of new comic book stuff, including the Death of Wolverine, the new Vision, Starfire’s history, power-rankings, and surprisingly little non-comic book talk…


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Cape Crisis #107 Question: Do power-ratings and rankings really matter to you?

14 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #107 – Four People, One Million Opinions

  1. I’m surprised Dave was the only one to quietly mention that the Transformers cover I posted for the last QOTW was a Killing Joke homage. I thought Hank would jump all over that.
    Also, he’s using Reflector in their combined alt-mode.

  2. Hey Henry, you said that Buffy Season 8 doesn’t explain what happened at the end of Angel. And that’s true. But there was another comic from IDW comics, also plotted by Joss Whedon that tells exactly that.

    It’s called Angel: After the Fall, and it ended up running for 44 issues.

    First Issue Spoiler:

    At the end of the series where you think Wolfram & Heart have summoned this demon army to wipe everyone out, what they actually did, was they sent all of Los Angeles to hell, and that’s actually just hells demons overrunning the city.

  3. I have no idea if this is of interest to anyone but:

    I listen to podcasts while I work, so it was amusing to me when Dave said “I think there’s a Season of X-Files as well” while I was, in fact, working on a page from X-Files Season 10.

      1. I’m afraid I don’t get credited! I’m a flatter, which isn’t really a “creative element” of the books. If you see a book coloured by Jordie Bellaire, there’s like a 30% chance I worked on that (I don’t know how many she does overall).

        Occasionally flatters get credited as “colour assistants” or something, but it’s super rare, I haven’t been credited on any mainstream stuff yet. Oh well!

  4. QOTW: As a teenager I was heavy into marvel overpower (not magic the gathering, thats for nerds jk) so the power rankings did mater to me. Did anyone else play this game? P.S. Shout out to the Marvel Masterpieces series one cards!

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