Vidjagame Apocalypse 80 – The Top 5 Things Ruining Games


With video games under attack from every conceivable angle, only VGA has the journalistic fortitude to point the finger at what’s truly put our favorite medium in jeopardy and you won’t believe our findings! Also talking Destiny, fake news, Smash Bros, some audio surprises, more more silliness and we sincerely apologize in advance!

Question of the Week

What game would you like to see a portable version of?



If ya haven’t checked out the Laser Time YouTube channel, here’s something swell you might’ve missed!

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listed roughly in order of release date

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call *LAST CHANCE*
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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Evolution – Day 1 Edition *LAST CHANCE*
Day 1 costume DLC, mecha Naruto card and bonus anime
-AMAZON EXCLUSIVE: Free Samurai Armor DLC pack
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
-Pre-order and receive access to The Dark Ranger

Super Smash Bros. 3DS *NEW*
-Contains Super Smash Bros
The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors *NEW*
-Pre-order Hyrule Warriors to receive a code to download EXCLUSIVE Twilight Princess costumes for Link and Zelda
Dragon Age: Inquisition 
-Deluxe Edition includes Flames of Inquisition ArmorWeapons Arsenal and Armored Mount
Aliens Isolation *NEW*
-Pre-order for free upgrade to the Nostromo Edition, which includes the bonus content“Crew Expendable”, + an exclusive digital graphic novel
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
-Pre-order and receive the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit FREE
Far Cry 4  
-Free Limited Edition upgrade includes Hurk’s Redemption, a series of three-action packed single-player missions. You’ll embark on an epic quest to find a rare artifact while using “The Impaler” harpoon gun
-Amazon-Exclusive pre-order bonus, the Elephant Double-Barrel Rifle
Call of Duty: Advanced War Fighter
-Free Day Zero Edition Upgrade: 24 Hour Early Access with Double XP
– two custom weapons, the AK-12G Assault Rifle and CROSSBOW-B2
-Advanced Arsenal Bullet Brass exoskeleton and EM1 Quantum directed energy weapon
Halo: The Master Chief Collection *NEW*
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Assassin’s Creed: Unity
-Every single week through launch, Assassin’s Creed is giving away incredible prizes.
The Chemical Revolution MissionExperience an explosive extra mission that involves a genius chemist, a secret formula and a plot for revenge!
The Armor Splitter Axe: Carve through the thickest armor with ease
DriveClub – PS4
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Batman: Arkham Knight 
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48 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 80 – The Top 5 Things Ruining Games

    1. This episodes first segment had raw energy and it was awesome to hear the guys just feading off each other like the seasond pros they are.

      1. Heh, I wrote the comment after seeing on twitter that this episode baited controversy but you’re right, the first segment was an incredible tour-de-force, like never has the chemistry between the hosts felt so goddamn ALIVE. That was incredible, hats off to the Laser Time network!

  1. I need a mobile dark souls game bad. Getting my ass kicked everywhere, yes please. And I’d love to see what weird things from would do with the psvita and or 3ds, street pass invasions anyone?

    1. my first instinct was this. but it’s only because I’m stuck at work, wondering if I’ll remember to go looking for a Bleed Stone when I get home. this game is crack!

  2. I can already feel my gut twisting in anger. I think I’ll sit this episode out in the name of my health. Call me when everything settles down and everyone accepts that “journalism” killed our industry.

  3. With all of the negative press surrounding the video game industry and gaming culture in general, it feels as if identifying yourself as a gamer is a bad thing that you should be ashamed of. Luckily, we have Lasertime/VGA around as a place on the Internet for us all to share our collective love in a welcoming and comfortable environment while still being able to mock those that are ruining it for all of us and giving us a bad name.

  4. I have to go with a 3ds port of aero the acrobat just kidding. Honestly a portable version of Batman Arkham Asylum would be awesome. P.S. rest in peace Richard Kiel aka Jaws, Happy Gilmores Boss and tall football guy from the original longest yard.

  5. QOTW:

    More fighting games period, they are perfect for quick rounds to long commutes. The fact they finally put Smash Bros on a portable device is a dream come true.

  6. QOTW: dark souls 2, a game i’ve put too much time in would be nice, pvp as part of the bell keepers has been has been a lot of fun. the best fights come down to the last hit.
    (is it just me or does king vendrik sound like malcolm mcdowell).

    also are you sure thats a chipmunk, to me it sounds like the Duke in a chipmunk costume.

  7. In my opinion, nuclear power deserves the stigma it has. The Fukushima reactor meltdown has released an estimated 1,000 times as much radiation as the atomic bomb did into the air, soil, and water, and displaced over 100,000 people. The cancer rate in that area has spiked as well. Yes, the chances of something going wrong are low, but if it does, it permanently poisons everything for many miles in every direction. And there’s no real solution for unpoisoning all that land. That’s why Germany, which has the best renewable energy system in the world, is backing away from nuclear power completely.

    Anyway, great episode. This one had more of a TalkRadar-y vibe to it, which I loved.

    1. From the first sentence I thought you were going to answer the QOTW and say you wanted a portable nuclear reactor…

    2. But compared to the lung cancer/black lung rates in coal producing areas, as well as the crippling poverty that coal mining communities face, Nuclear technology is preferable as its employees have similar levels of radiation to airline pilots and are generally highly paid technicians.
      Also the German system is a heavily subsidized mess and far from the best, and it produces far less power then a nuclear or fossil fuel system of comparable cost. . The French who are a leading exporter of power in the world have an almost entirely nuclear power grid, and no major accidents on record.
      I liked the opening bit

  8. that first segment was cute.

    wait… the PC crowd doesn’t understand the hype around Destiny?
    I beg to differ.
    I’m a PC gamer, and I get it TOTALLY. in fact I’ve personally been SO excited and caught up in the hype over this title I almost bought that white PS4/Destiny bundle. ALMOST.
    I decided I can’t justify the purchase right now, and I’m hoping Destiny will come to PCs in 2015 after some of the expansion packs and DLC has come out for the console version.
    I do wonder, how many games, sequels and expansions they can do in a 10 year period?
    it’s a really pretty game, very complicated looking.
    I get flashbacks to sitting in class getting migraines while trying to use 3d modeling programs.

    i have to admit i DO like the fake controversy news segment. it’s fun. but don’t use it every week, make it a monthly treat segment for us maybe?
    also… Chubby Checker is NOT dead.

    finally, I live in atlanta and LONG for a life out west, but it’s so wonderfully cheap here. but MY GAWD the distances between places pretty much requires you to have a car or enough money to spend a looooong time on public transportation. which sucks. but I can get a house with a decent yard for $800 a month. … a HOUSE. yay.

    1. (Note: not listened to the podcast yet)

      I absolutely understand the hype for Destiny, I’m just pissed about the fact it’s not yet on PC and utterly bewildered why not. It’s a shooter-MMO that requires a permanent online connection! It couldn’t get any more PC! It’s on f***ing 360 and not PC?! Even Mortal Kombat X and Metal Gear Solid 5 have been announced for PC! Utter bullcrap.

  9. QOTW:

    The rebooted XCOM makes the most sense. We can do better than the partway-there iPad version, can’t we? This franchise would be a great cross-buy / cross-save $40 game on PS4 / Vita. The Vita is a fantastic bit of hardware that truly jives with the right type of cross-buy game, I hope it fosters a new mid-tier market between the $15 independents like Rogue Legacy and the bigger $60 action games like Far Cry 4 that can’t really reconcile design and controls across home and portable consoles.

    Lastly, I’m happy to announce that after hours of research around the Internet and some hard-boiled detective work in dim, urban alleys, I’ve discovered that there is no grand Lizard-People cabal waving an invisible hand over the people reporting on games — it’s just some salaried people going to their desk jobs, and sometimes checking email from home after hours. Just LIKE EVERY BUSINESS!

    1. Great detective work GhostLittle, I was waiting for someone to investigate and conclude “actually you’re just extremely paranoid guys”. 🙂

  10. Lot of bad talking Georgia here. Look I’m not huge fan but I’ve lived near ATL for about a year now and it’s not bad. Atlanta itself has bad spots but there are a lot of growing areas outside of it that are really nice (Kennesaw and Woodstock come to mind) and with some of those communities you get more liberal-ness. Although Republican stuff is still pretty common but this area isn’t all necessarily backwood.

    However outside of the immediate ATL area, it’s a bit weirder. Savannah area is nice and pleasant but not far out from Savannah it’s mostly just emptiness and small towns.

  11. I’m sorry, California people, but your avocados are SHIT. Both in quality and quantity when you compare it to what is produced down here in Michoacan Mexico. The avocados I’ve seen in LA are much smaller, uglier, more expensive and less savory, so again, shit.

    It’s not often I get a chance to gloat about Mexico having something better than in the US, so gloat I shall! SUCK IT CALIFORNIANS

    (Says this as someone who fully intends to live in LA in the future.)

  12. What was that chiptune song during the first break around the 20 minute mark? I’ve heard Chris use it before but can’t remember where I can listen to it.



      At least I got Metroid Fusion as part of the 3DS Ambassador thing… that’s as good right? … RIGHT?

      1. it’s…. a good game. it’s no Metroid 3. didn’t get in on the ambassador program, so nothing beyond 8-bit Samus in my pocket.

        think I misunderstood the QOTW. impulsively answered with my go-to Nintendo gripe.

  13. Oh my gosh. Best bit ever on all of Laser time… (and your spider woman bit was really good, Antista but this was on a whole other level)

  14. I might be alone in this opinion but I find that anytime you guys descend into schtick it is almost unbearably annoying. I love pretty much everything and everyone associated with Laser Time, just please never do anything like that first segment again.

  15. I don’t understand every mobile Civ game is super scaled down. I feel like vita could handle Civ 5 with a few tweaks for the smaller screen. I’m down to play only up to a certain era if I can take it where ever I wan’t and a mobile game would be a great way to introduce the fan base to the new features such as the circle tech tree in the new Alpha Centauri.
    QOTW answer Any Civ/Firaxis title.

    1. It’s sad that due to how hyper-sensitive people have become nowadays, the Week of Hate apparently no longer exists, since this year it was nowhere to be seen. And last year’s was a very sad one in which half of the articles were more on the preachy “it’s bad to hate things” side, than on the wacky, fun side that they used to be.

  16. I thought after the first five minutes that the top five bit was going to get real old if it kept going. Glad I was wrong on that one, probably one of the best shows you guys have ever done

  17. This podcast was amazing, guys. Seriously, I think we all needed a bit of cathartic stress release after all this nonsense, and you guys delivered splendidly. It made me howl with laughter in public, probably terrifying everyone around me. Absolutely worth it.

    QOTW: My biggest wish has finally, at long last, been achieved (Smash, of course. The demo is amazing!), so I’m going to have to go with Mass Effect (or any Bioware-esque RPG, really). The Walking Dead: 400 Days was a wonderful experiment in the potential of DLC- a small series of short stories starring new characters in a familiar world that delivers a satisfying experience while also preparing you for the upcoming season. I would love to see this model replicated for, say, the new Mass Effect. It would be a great opportunity to try out smaller, more intimate stories while subtly introducing the player to characters and situations that will be important to the new installments. I would love to see the 400 Days model continue, and a handheld/mobile version might be just the thing to get new players excited about the upcoming release. Of course, PC/console players should be able to get their hands on it, as well.

  18. Upon hearing people had been hating on this episode, I just thought I’d contribute that in my opinion this was the best VGA episode since it began, and the only one I’ve gone back and listened to multiple times. Thanks guys.

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