Laser Time is Growing, and We Want YOUR Articles!

Laser Time, Laser Time 2.0

Laser Time is growing! This is Laser Time 2.0, Laser Time Phase 2, Phaser Time–really, any flashy pun you want–the next step for this wonderful website. The time has come for Laser Time to explode with written articles, funny videos, fantastic podcasts, and all the pop culture-skewing badassery a website can handle. We’re talking more stuff about comics, movies, sports, video games–whatever the nine-ringed hell you want.

I know you have questions. Let’s take care of those.

Who the hell are you? The name’s Wilson. Tony Wilson. Bond jokes aside, you might know me from my work at GamesRadar, or the years I spent managing the gaming content at Front Towards Gamer. I was on Cape Crisis that one time, and I’ve been producing my own show, the Gametwerp Podcast, since 2009 too.

What are you doing here? Chris has brought me on to write some stuff and get YOU GUYS to write stuff too. We’re stoked for the possibilities!

So you want to post my articles? How does that work? Well, the first step would be to come up with a good idea. Got one? Good. Now send it to We’ll take a look, give you some feedback, and then the ball is in your court. Put finger to keyboard, pen to paper, blood to ancient parchment,  and we’ll edit it up nice and pretty, then put it on the site.

What kind of stuff should I pitch? Check out some of the stuff we’ve already published:

7 Reasons Why Roger Moore is the Best Bond

Why Batman is Better than Frasier

Every Dead Simpsons Guest Star Ever!

These are articles that will always be funny, and not tied to any particular time. We call that “evergreen” in the business–it’s the best thing you can pitch. Beyond that one caveat, it’s up to YOU to decide what you want to write. We might have a few revolving column slots at some point, but it’s up to you to be creative for now.

And if you fancy yourself a video man, feel free to pitch stuff on that front too.

Will you pay me? Right now, we’re accepting submissions on a voluntary basis. One-off feature articles, op-eds, and people who perhaps wish to find a home for their regular columns. We absolutely value content creators and absolutely feel they should be compensated. But this is all very much a “soft launchy” experiment, let’s see how it goes and we’ll reevaluate this policy as soon as possible. Our goal is very much to compensate good folks who deliver good work.

What about my other questions? Tweet us! I’m @chaingunpope. Chris is @cantista. The email is There’s a comments section a few inches below this paragraph. Also, carrier pigeons are on sale this time of year.

Laser Time is here to stay, and we want that stay to be amazing. We want to be better than Buzzfeed, cooler than Cracked, awesome…er than the AV Club. Send those pitches, grow those ideas, and hop aboard the gravy train before we empty it out on the mashed potatoes. OK, that metaphor got away from me.

34 thoughts on “Laser Time is Growing, and We Want YOUR Articles!

  1. Hey Tony! Loved your work at GR! Glad to see you around here ^^ And hopefully maybe in a few more podcasts as well?

    This sounds awesome, but having never received formal English classes or education, I don’t think my writing are anywhere close to be able to publish anything. (As the reading of my answers to questions of the week might prove, like the embarrassing reading Tyler did to my answer in VGA 79 >>;)

    Still, here’s hoping other people pitch in, I visit the site everyday, and definitely would love to see some more new and cool ideas out there!

    1. Me on the podcast will be rare–I live on the opposite side of the country from everyone. That said, feel free to check out my show 🙂

      As for English skills, feel free to pitch an idea even if you yourself can’t write it. It can always be done with your name attached as the idea man.

    2. Hey, try it out anyway 🙂 I used to think I would never, ever write about anything. Last year, thanks to unemployment, I decided to start my own wordpress blog about pop culture (most of it old licensed videogames because why not?).

      True, there were lots of times where I was unable to start writing at all but eventually I found myself getting better and enjoying the process more and more. Mind you, this was all in Portuguese, but I recently started to re-write my old articles in English and hopefully one day I would be able to make a few videos out of them, or at least write a new blog (yeah, my English accent sucks so the video thing will take a while).

      I actually had an old game review I thought about posting here but I already have an early version of it online in the Giant Bomb database (it’s Donald Duck in Maui Mallard, of course :P).

      Just start a google doc and start writing whenever you feel like saying something stupid. It usually works. Otherwise you will just feel forced and won’t have any good ideas. Don’t let a few English errors get in the way.

  2. Cool!. been hearing you say this for a while, nice to see it finally starting to come to fruition.
    they’ll be more podcasts?
    Does this include the Lasertime store also, new t-shirt/sweatshirt designs?.
    maybe expanding into other non clothing items (keychains/mugs, that kind of thing),
    or am i just overthinking this, i do that?

    1. We’re not ruling anything out, but for now, we’re gonna see how far we can go with the stuff you guys want to write.

  3. Oh you know I have ideas. Unbelivably ridiculous, pointless, and genuinely dumb ideas. But they are good ideas too, hard working, blue collar, salt of the earth ideas. The type of ideas that rips shirts, flips tables and demands satisfaction. All I need to get going to write is the Hotline Miami soundtrack, a few bottles Sam Adams, and that montage of Summer and Rick beating up the type of people that everyone generally hates in another window, and I’m good to go.

  4. Why Stallone is better than Clint Eastwood; article coming soon. Sign me up for a weekly dose of Stallonism, since I am a certified Stallonagist with a minor in over the top and a major in get carter.

  5. Hey guys sent you an email about LTV! One letter better than MTV! I hope you consider it! I would love to be on the site of the Laser TIme crew who’ve kept me laughing for hundreds of hours!

  6. never considered myself much of the writing type but if I come up with something good I may see what comes of it, cheers.

  7. I don’t have much to add other than good luck with the submissions! The site has been putting out some great stuff as of late and I hope to see it grow even more.
    My one and only crummy suggestion would be some sort of live call-in skype show. Chris and the gang could take calls from the fans. Not sure what it would be about though. Maybe just have it based around the weekly news around the gaming/comic/movie sphere or whatever.

    1. The call-in thing has been passed around for a while now, so that’s definitely possible. Keep an eye out for a general Q&A-type show too. I have some cool stuff planned.

  8. I really want to write for the site but I get caught up in figuring out what to actually write, and even if I did I don’t know if I would feel good enough about it to post onto the internet for people to see.
    At least I know there’s an email to contact if I do ever think of something.

    1. Hey, hey, I have the same problem. Just read my comment above, or I’ll just post it here:

      Just start a google doc and start writing whenever you feel like saying something stupid. It usually works. Otherwise you will just feel forced and won’t have any good ideas. It happens to me too. Sometimes I’ll just go on a rant forever while other times I can’t come up with anything to write about.

  9. Hey Tony, glad to see you’ll be providing content for one of my favorite corners of the internet.

    That being said, I wish I was funny enough to submit some stuff to LaserTime myself.

  10. I used to write abridged articles for black and white monster movies and made plans to do pieces on dumb ads form around the world, fun times but I’ve increasingly become more constrained by new thing in life…

    …you could say I don’t have the LASER time right now…

    …I’ll go wait outside.

  11. Alright, I tried typing this on twitter but damn that character limit.

    I have a few ideas for a few Laser Time articles that are more “random” and indeed, evergreen, but I also have a few old game reviews that I’m in the process of rewriting and translating to English. The idea was to adapt them and use them as videos but I have no idea if I can pull off a decent English accent and it will take a while anyway.

    So my question is, if I were to post those reviews, would I be able to use them in future videos on my own channel? Of course, this isn’t the main thing I wanted to write about, but just in case I decide to send you one or two of my favorites. It’s mostly reviews of weird games or retrospectives on old licensed 16 bit games.

  12. Oh hell yes.

    I’ve had some article ideas for a while now, but I don’t really use twitter, so I had no idea how to really communicate them to Chris. I’ll be e-mailing them within a few days to you Tony. Being able to help out the site in any way would be more than enough compensation for me.

  13. This is great! Stoked to have a One Piece fan working on LT.

    Oh and this community driven article stuff is also pretty cool. “Top 10 reasons One Piece is worth your time” incoming….

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