8 Everyday Objects Modded to Play Doom

doom, doom mod

Doom is classic for many reasons–it has early but impressive 3D shooting, hordes of killer demons, and big fat awesome weapons, just to name a few things. But what keeps it on the modern gamer’s radar is the fact that it’s been ported or modded onto just about every electronic device ever. Here are some of the craziest examples.

An ATMdoom, doom mod

Yep, these guys modded Doom into an honest-to-god ATM. Those handy selection buttons serve as controls for this money machine hack. There’s a microtransaction joke here somewhere.

A Piano

doom, doom mod

It won’t sound too great, but you can totally play Doom while tapping on the 99 ivory keys. Each input is mapped to a range of notes, so expect “beat Doom to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda'” videos soon.

An Apple

doom, doom mod

Not a Macintosh, but a full-on red, juicy fruit. You control your Doom-er by taking bites at certain angles. Problem is, most players finish their snack before finishing the game. That’s the tricky part.

A Baby

doom, doom mod

No need for a console or PC–just get to Barry White-ing, and nine months later you’ll have a fully-functioning Doom machine. Note: circumcision does affect look sensitivity.

Bohemian Rhapsody

doom, doom mod

Finishing this one is tough, as you can only move any way the wind blows. Also, Beelzebub is a much harder boss to defeat in this version due to a devil put aside for you.

A Hoveround

doom, doom mod

Doom isn’t just for the young crowd. The beauty of this mod is that the hoveround’s native joystick is mapped to Mr. Doom’s movement. Wii bowling isn’t the only video game to be found in the retirement home.

Daft Punk’s Next Album

doom, doom mod

This is a marvel of the Technologic kind. And thanks to the beauty of iPods, this mod can be taken Around the World. If you’ve already played Doom in the past, why not play it One More Time? Maybe you’ll Get Lucky and find the BFG early.


doom, doom mod

Fact: every home on earth has a PC. Fact: every PC ever made can play Doom. Fact: you could be playing Doom right now on the machine you’re using to read this. Fact: John Romero has a beard.

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2 thoughts on “8 Everyday Objects Modded to Play Doom

  1. Always thought it was funny the guy in the hoveraround chairs commercials was named Tom Cruz. Great article and crazy that someone could merge their love for playing the piano and doom at the same time. Big ups for the doom baby as well thats hilarious.

  2. Fucking should have posted a trigger warning for that white male cis gendered baby you goddamn patriarchal abuser.

    Also, good article bro

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