DuckTales starring real Duck (tails!)


Disney, you magnificent bastards!

Long ago, back when I was working on DuckTales: Remastered, we were pitching ideas of cool ideas to promote the game, and I came up with something I thought was chock full of equal parts “Win” and “Feels.” I wanted to take a real duck, put a vest on him, staple a top hat to its head (I was adamant about the staples), and shoot the thing walking around real-world locations from the game. The Amazon jungle, the snow-peaked Himalayas. I knew the moon would be tricky, but if Stanley Kubrick could fake it, so could we! Sadly, that idea didn’t come to fruition. (However, my pitch for a travelogue video series did go through, and I had the surreal honor of penning the dialog for Launchpad McQuack.) So if you’ll indulge my fragile ego, I’m happy to report MY GRAND VISION has finally been brought to reality by none other than Disney itself, whose OMD blog has recently unleashed a recreation of the timeless DuckTales intro theme using real ass ducks!

This is immensely enjoyable, dare I say… MAGICAL on so many levels. But because my sense of self worth is frail enough to crack at even the slightest Hook-level insult, I thought it was most important for you to know that even though this concept is radically different from my proposal and the concept of parallel thought exists, this was essentially my idea. C’mon, I need this…

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6 thoughts on “DuckTales starring real Duck (tails!)

  1. Awesome Awesome Awesome! Just in case PETA monitors the lasertime site I in no way condone stapling anything to a ducks head lol jk great video and concept pitch.

  2. They could have made an attempt to put a duck on the moon just for the sake of the awesome moon level music in the NES Ducktales game, but ducks can’t breathe in space.

  3. Just wonderful, put a smile on my face every time I’ve watched it. Love the three robots fist bumping. How long must this have taken to make?.

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