9 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #33 – Champs and Geniuses

  1. So, is calling sitting cross legged “indian style” just an American thing? Because I’d literally never heard it in my life until I started listening to podcasts.

    Seriously though, Chris, I love you man, but fuck’s sake, you managed to borderline infuriate me with your opinions on both fighting games and wrestling within 1 minute of one another, that is a serious achievement, especially considering how I wouldn’t even be into either of those things without your guys’s influence 😛

  2. I watched part of the Night of Champions buildup on YouTube, the best part of which was when BookerT started an interview with Golddust, and then his teammate appeared. Booker T’s face when he appeared, when they touched fingers, and the end of the interview, was just wonderful.

    When did Mark Henry become a main event wrestler? i remember him from the late 1990’s, early 2000’s as a wrestler who never really got many big matches or title shots. (or did he and i just missed them?)

    1. Mark Henry really stepped his game up in 2011 and has been having the best run in his career to date, especially when he’s a heel.

  3. Oh God, yeah, you nearly forgot the Harvard wrestler. I find it hilarious that intelligence is on the same level as communism and terrorism in WWE, although I kind of love that, Rusev bringing it back is almost refreshing.

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