Cybermania ’94, in all it’s glory!


For those of you who endured Laser Time’s Stupid Award Shows episode, you owe it to yourself to at least give this a quick scrub through.

Yes, Cybermania ’94, TBS’ first and only attempt at a video game award show, is a spectacularly watchable failure. While it could be argued that the gala had the best of intentions at heart, acknowledging current popular games and an newly emerging technology, it’s laughable focus on mostly Western, CD-based games would’ve undoubtedly broken the heart of any gamer likely to tune in.

Says Entertainment Weekly, who’ve miraculously existed long enough to have reviewed the thing TWENTY YEARS ago:
“From the moment a lost-looking Leslie Nielsen stumbled onto a Universal Studios stage alongside Home Improvement‘s smarmy, pint-size Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Cybermania ’94: The Ultimate Gamer Awards shaped up as the most surreal bit of TV of the year.”

Be on the look out for special appearances by Chandler, Olive Oyl, and Gob Bluth! And yeah, if you don’t have the two hours set aside for this, there’s always our hyper-condensed Laser Time episode! Oh, and if you’re still hankering for a look back at the vidjagames circa 1994, may we also recommend our look at THE TOP 5 GAMES OF 1994*

*According to the US Box Office. AHAHAHA, Fuck you, Quality!


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  1. 1994 was a good year for the videogame magazine industry. I still have the 1994 videogame buyers guide featuring mortal kombat, super street fighter, sonic cd and aladin. Really miss these annual magazines of my youth. Maybee I can write an article on the history of videogame buyers guide.

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