Cape Crisis #109 – I Know That Voice!


Henry, Chris and Dave get together to catch up on a week of zombies, discussing the under-appreciated art of the voice actor, Kara Zor-el, Deadpool in films, and your moments of meeting the biggest stars in comics…


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Cape Crisis #109 Question: What would be your Silver Age Marvel nickname?

14 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #109 – I Know That Voice!

  1. Salem was the name of the cat in Sabrina the teenage witch, Sabrina also lived with her aunts Hilda and Zelda, she also had an on/off relationship with a guy named Harvey and i can’t believe how much of this i remember.

    Smurfin’ smurfthisway i guess. yes it counts, smurf can mean what it smurf well wants.

  2. Billy West never played Daffy. Joe Alaskey has played both both Bugs and Daffy in “Back in Action” and the new shorts that came out at that time. Jeff Bergman played the pair in that Cartoon Network show.

  3. I actually really like the character of Supergirl, but mainly from the DCAU. I thought she was handled great there, except for her ending. I wasn’t too big a fan of that. I don’t really read comics, so I only know her character from how she’s presented in all of DC’s animated stuff. I was excited to know she was in the Superman/Batman: Apocalypse movie, but it was too bad I got disappointed when she crashes to Earth and the first thing she does is have Clark take her on a spree of shopping for clothes, shoes, make-up, etc. I think I was just used to the tomboy Kara of the DCAU. Though, I guess I ended up liking her character by the end of the movie.

  4. I really need to watch that documentary. I started getting interested in that stuff because of Chris’ constant cartoon factoids, and it sounds fantastic.

  5. Gotta be honest, this was a great episode. Tons of comic talk, and as a huge DC Fan and Batgirl and Supergirl fanboy, Hank nailed her origin (yes as a child I was immensely confused by what happened during her fight with Doomsday).

    Also, I would try to get some sort of deal worked out with Marvel for your codes, especially if you or a friend know someone there.

  6. I’d been waiting for I Know That Voice to come out for a long time, I didn’t realize it had come out till it came up here. It’s streaming on Netflix, it’s definitely worth watching, I hardly recognized any of the faces of the voices I’ve heard for so long, even when I kew their names.

  7. Your suspicions were correct, the wrong episode was posted last week on itunes, I wasn’t able to listen to it.


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