Hyrule Warriors – Gameplay LIVE

[UPDATE: YouTube Archive added (LOOK UP!)]

The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Last-Gen! Join Chris for the weirdest Zelda game since the CD-i today at 3PM Pacific (7PM Eastern)

I’ve spent a little time with Hyrule Warriors, and what was once was my most anticipated games of the fall, has become my most disappointing game of 2014. Prove me wrong LIVE, DW fans!

Watch live video from LaserTime on www.twitch.tv

6 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors – Gameplay LIVE

  1. Well, I can’t really prove you “wrong” about DW and vise versa, love or hate it in a nutshell really… but dam it, let’s have some common ground and have fun with the stream!

  2. I can’t believe you were dumb enough to ignore the fact that this was only ever intended to be a Dynasty Warriors game and not a real Zelda game. How could you possibly looked at it and said, “Yes, this is breaking the mould that the last 8 gazillion games in the series have set up and will prove to be a worthy LoZ experience.” Gah. I’m just saying I told you so. I’d also say that this is only the weirdest entry since Links Crossbow Training, but whatever.

    1. He stated repeatedly that he went in fully expecting it to be a Warriors game with a Zelda skin, and he was fine with that concept.

      The problem was that he also thought that the Warriors series would have evolved it’s gameplay at least a little since he last played one over 10 years ago. Silly Chris 😛

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