SNL Viewers Club: The Preamble


Hey, Laser-ites! I’ll just lay this on the table: I’m a massive Saturday Night Live fan. (Just about) any era, any style, any cast member–I love what the show does and has done. If you’re like me, then consider this column your home for the show’s 40th season.

This is SNL Viewers Club. Every week the show airs, I’ll put up a post. I’ll give my thoughts on the host, sketches, and even the musical guests* (I have a history with improv, hosting live events, and performing music myself, so you can sorta trust me). Then it’s off to the comments section,  where I want to you hear what YOU thought of the show. Loved it? Hated it? Not as good as the 70s/80s/90s/any other time (I’ll ignore those comments, for the record). This is your chance to sound off!

So what can we look forward to?

The premiere is this Saturday–tomorrow when you’re reading this–with host Christ Pratt and musical guest Ariana Grande. It’s also the debut episode of two new cast members, Michael Che and Pete Davidson.

Che was actually a writer on SNL two years ago. He left the show to become a Daily Show correspondent, and now he’s back. Guess he realized he’ll never match up to Wyatt Cynac? Either way, we’ll see what he brings to the desk–as in the Weekend Update desk, because that’s where he’s headed. It’s the first time that segment’s had a black host and two male hosts, so things should be interesting.

Then there’s Pete Davidson, who…has done some standup…? He’s appeared on MTV in a few comedies, so he’s not too green. That said, he’s the first SNL cast member to be born in the 90s…1993, specifically. Yep, he’s younger than half of this site’s readers. Man, I didn’t plan on having Davidson make me feel old during this writeup… Anyway, we’ll see what old, er, young Petey can do.

*I’ll only post about content available on Hulu the day after broadcast. This will keep the live viewers on the same page as the next-day online viewers.

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7 thoughts on “SNL Viewers Club: The Preamble

  1. I’m excited for the new season at the moment! I love the hosts they have coming up (Pratt, Sarah Silverman, Bill Hader, Jim Carrey) and hoping a little summer break combined with cast/writer shuffle-up will bring us great things.

  2. > he’s younger than half of this site’s readers

    heh, heh heh he he ha ha ah ha ha AH HA HA HA HA HA BAH HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA-\

    But seriously this sounds like a great idea I look forward to it.

  3. InB4 “…Ellen Cleghorne!”

    But seriously, I’m also a longtime SNL fan; I’ve been bugging Chris to do a sketch-comedy love-fest LaserTime for awhile, so I’ll have plenty to say in these articles.

  4. This is awesome. I’m a massive SNL fan. I’m in the middle of the new edition of Live From New York. I read the old one a couple years ago and have been meaning to reread it anyway. So the new updated one that covers the last twelve years of SNL is the perfect excuse.

    Anyone else reading it?

  5. Kyle Mooney is the man – nearly shat myself during the 90s sitcom pretape
    Pratt sucked
    Che was good, when he gets in the groove he’s gonna be awesome.
    Too much Andy Bryant, not enough Kate McKinnon
    Ariana Grande has a huge dome piece. Is she a Disney product?

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