The Most Surreal Simpsons Couch Gag of All-Time


The death of Krusty’s pop in The Simpsons season premiere was largely overshadowed by one of the best “Couch Gags” ever…

I know the big hubbub last Sunday was largely centered around Family Guy invading Springfield with rape jokes and cutaway gags, but it should also be noted The Simpsons did it’s best to kick off it’s 26th season with something similar in realm of can’t-miss WORLD PREMIERE gravitas. Unfortunately, that was via a “surprise” death the entire internet saw coming months ago (and from the sound of his voice, we should probably ready a place for Jackie Mason’s in our comprehensive list of Every Dead Simpsons Guest Star Ever.) Although I was certainly more entertained Family Guy crossover, I thought both episodes shot slightly north of underwhelming. Save for the moment that kicked everything off…

There’s nothing I love more than fans of both shows scratching their heads in wide-eyed befuddlement over that couch gag, easily my highlight from the evening of Brooklyn Nine Nine-infused “Animation” Domination. That wonderfully bizarre Simpsons opening comes courtesy of Don Hertzfeldt, an animator I love dearly and feel like I haven’t heard much from for far too long. The monitor I’m starring into right now sits just immediately below a framed poster from The Animation Show, Hertzfeldt’s short-lived animation festival co-created by Mike Judge. I’m sure many of you have seen Hertzfeldt’s “Rejected” and “Everything Will Be OK” is one of my favorite pieces of animation. Period.

I’m not quite sure why, but the couch gag set a bar for me that neither show is likely to live up to for the remainder of their seasons. Let the internet continue it’s Simpsons vs Family Guy flame war! Hertzfeldt sits on the sidelines laughing, wearing the kingliest of crowns as the needless battle rages on.

5 thoughts on “The Most Surreal Simpsons Couch Gag of All-Time

  1. Half expected it to end with “Endut! Hoch Hech!”

    Seems like in the last few years the only time I hear people talking about the Simpsons is when a guest animator does a couch gag. I know it’s an oft touched on topic here but I really think it speaks to the quality of new Simpsons when the only thing worth talking about is someone else coming in to fill a minute of airtime.

    1. I mean, you’re right about the couch gags being a headline grabber. However, I can’t imagine “Last Night’s Simpsons Episode was Pretty Good” making the front page of anything even if it was the case more than once last season.

  2. Chris,
    I have to say that EVERYTHING WILL BE OK is one of the most interesting things I’ve ever had the pleasure to see. Thank you for this and all the free funny you give!

  3. Chris, thank you for posting this article! I’m a huge fan of Hertzfeldt but have a hard time keeping up with his latest projects. How did you feel about “I’m so proud of you” and “Everything is beautiful”?

  4. I wondered if it was Hertzfeldt as I was watching it! I love Rejected, it’s the best excuse to yell ‘my anus is bleeding!’.

    I haven’t seen Everything Will Be Ok and it’s slightly too long to watch while at work…

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