Vidjagame Apocalypse 83 – Steal the Spotlight


With Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor out this week and Alien: Isolation about to follow, Mikel resumes hosting duties to talk about five other movie-related games starring relative nobodies. Then there’s some talk about Super Smash Bros., Tyler’s identity gets “borrowed,” and a look into what you really want from next-gen.

Question of the Week

Which fictional universe would you most like to explore through the eyes of a new or minor character?



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29 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 83 – Steal the Spotlight

  1. QOTW: The Elder Scrolls as a recurring character like the M’aiq the Liar easter egg as he seems to never come to any harm and live longer than anyone else having appeared in multiple games, travelling and seeing the history of the whole world while screwing with wayward heroes.

  2. Mass effect, but as a simple resident (Maybe c-sec officer) of the citadel, and dealing with daily life as the events of mass effect three unfold, it could be called citizen effect.

  3. The Arkham universe might be interesting to play in a criminal. going about your missions al-la GTA could be made more difficult at night where the rewards and opportunities might be greater, but with the constant threat of finding yourself on Batman’s radar.

  4. I would say the lotr/hobbit universe would be pretty bad ass. Maybe as some underling elf or random towns person just who gets to see some stuff go down. Just a flea on Beorns back if you will.

  5. I’d like to live in the magical world of nba 2k as a faceless fan at the palace of auburn hills, so that I can throw peanuts and oversized novelty bobble-heads at josh smith’s head every time he tries to shoot a fucking three …
    I also just realized no one reading this will have any idea what I’m talking about, so, uh, I’d live in mass effect I guess

  6. QotW: I wouldnt mind being one of the minor characters in Suikoden or Suikoden 2, living at the hero’s castle, watching all the sweet revolution goin down, and getting some credit for victory.

  7. James Cameron’s Avatar isn’t a TERRIBLE movie, but I would also argue that there is nothing remarkable or interesting about it. It’s certainly pretty to look at, but the story is dumb and utterly overdone and predictable, the protagonists so bland that you end up cheering for the bad guy because he’s the only one with any semblance of personality.

    IMO, it’s an utterly average film. One that did not deserve the fame and economical success it got, but that also does not deserve the vitriol some people give it… It should just be forgotten.

  8. Question of the week: I want a Bioware style Star Trek game. My own customizable starfleet captain with a ship where I can choose from new characters as my crew, but have at least one or two missions where my crew gets to team up with Picard’s Enterprise D crew. Basically I want Star Trek Mass Effect.

  9. QOTW:

    A Batman Inc. game.

    Basically, during the Batman Inc. arc in the comics, proteges of Batman were being installed in just about every major city in the world to fight crime. In Batman Inc the game, you would create your own Batman-style crime fighter based on a series of variables and parameters. Pick your fighting styles, your gadgets, cape or no cape, vehicle, spot light design and so on. The game as a whole would look and play like an Arkham game.

    You would then build yourself up as the protector of the city, fighting any crime you can find on police band radios or just finding random in the streets. Eventually you would build up enough notoriety to start getting bigger villains to notice you, or even some random mook you beat down comes back as a deranged madman.

    And the game would go on as that, as you establish yourself more, the threats would become more and more serious. And your capability to fight the crimes would be reported back to Bruce every so often, and as you proved yourself more capable, he would release more resources to your cause.

  10. I’m currently thinking that it would be cool to experience Cel’s story from Mirror’s Edge. Faith is a great character and all, and I’m sure as heck excited for the sequel, but I would like to see more of the reason’s why (SPOILERS!) Cel turns on Faith. I think it would be a cool concept that would allow us to look in the corrupt forces that are within the game’s universe, because the world the first game created I found to be fascinating enough for me to have an open curiosity as to the inner workings of the government that now dictates the city. Who knows. This could be a cool idea for even some DLC to help expand the story.

  11. QOTW: I have to say that the two universes that I’d be super interested in exploring as a new character would be that of Inception and the comic Invincible. I figure it’d be super cool to be a new dream invading super spy, and I feel that the game would make a really cool shooter, since the character could plan out the levels in order to complete the objective in various ways. That coupled with awesome dream powers could make a super cool shooter. Invincible could be equally fun, as you could have a game that essentially is Crackdown x The last federation, where you play a super powerful being that has to keep these other super powerful guys in check.
    I’ve been listening since talk radar and I’ve gotta say that I love all you guys do, keep up the great work. I really should post more often but I generally listen on ITunes so I sometimes can’t be bothered.

    Also, I never knew that the Flying Dutchman was in ghostbusters.

  12. Great episode,

    I’ll have to disagree with you guys that Assassin’s Creed was a 10 in 2007, it was a technical achievement but it’s also one of the most repetitive games of the last generation, and the combat system was kind of awful. AC2 did a great job fixing that. That’s just my opinion, to each their own.

  13. QOTW:Since its the season of Halloween; I would have to go with the universe of shaun of the dead because playing Halo 2 with a zombie Nick Frost would be a life changing experience. Or the universe of “whats love got to do with it” where Morpheus yells “Eat the cake Anna Mae” because he is in a wife beating matrix simulator and only I can set him free with “The red pill.” Did Moan4stallone kick off the first Matrix?

  14. Side note… on the topic of playing as a newcomer in a world full of people id love to hang with as opposed to playing AS those people… Kingdom hearts is the embodiment of that for me. I get to play as a cool character with depth, and in a world surrounded by my favorite disney and FF heroes. Going with Jack Skellington to Christmastown? thats a dream come true…

  15. Fallout, I have been a huge fan of the Fallout Universe since the very first game. Post-Apocalyptic-Retro-Future has got to be the coolest wasteland ever. I think I’d like to be a ghoul scavenger of sorts constantly exploring the newly created frontier of irradiated splendor. Plus being a ghoul it’s similar to being a zombie or some form of undead which is always fun. I’d go by the name Armageddon Jack, and I’d be a very nomadic explorer.

  16. QOTW: My answer? Farm Simulator. I can be a property owner looking for assistance with my farm after fiancial tragedy and personal burdens have forced me to look for help so I can pay the bills. I can casually walks around my typical western European five block hamlet and bear witness as a bunch of assholes take my piece of virgin property, land that’s meant to grow fine crops that is sure to yield a terrific harvest, and feel and obligation to host a demolition derby with farming vehicles that costs tens of thousands of euros to repair. I can send them messages like, “Do your damn job!” and “Stop ramming wheat threshers into my house!” It would be a brilliant sight to see upon sundown their accomplishment with my land, as they dispense from one of the not upside-down tractors with a seeder with a pattern from the seeds that resembles like a crudely made penis. The life of a farm land owner, a life for me.

  17. XD Ghostbusters Babies!
    Dan acroyd actually explains what the original plot of ghostbusters was supposed to be on the DVD directors commentary. It sounds like it was supposed to be a franchise in their universe, like they branch out all over the world and get so good at busting ghosts that they ruin their own business being too good at what they do.

  18. Thank God, our lord and savior has descended from the heavens to free us from the tyranny and chaos that was Chris’ reign over Vidjagame Apocalypse. All hail the God-King Emperor Mikel Reparaz!

  19. QotW: I’d love to visit the sunny shores of Island Delfino from Super Mario Sunshine minus the pollution and koopa troopa infestation. It’s one of the best looking Gamecube games (heck, best looking games period!). It’s one my top fictional vacation getaways.

  20. What Tyler wants from next gen is a thing called friends. People who can talk to him and realistically react while playing a game with him.

  21. I’m in a lucky position where the fictional universe I want to be involved in actually has games where this happens. With the newest one on the way with WWE2k15’s myCareer mode, You create a wrestler, sign and train in NXT, put on good shows for the fans, and work your way into the WWE hall of fame . Im so hyped for this you almost forget its been in a crapton of games already in one way or another but this is NEW GEN WRESTLING LOL.


  22. QOTW: Despite how dark it may seem, ive always wanted to play a game set in the Blade Runner universe. The world that movie creates is ripe for a game adaption. This is just my personal dream, but Id love to see it get an atmospheric treatment on par with Bioshock, but be as open world as say AssCreed or Arkham City. But i definitely dont want to play as Deckard, but perhaps another Blade Runner assigned to hunt him down after escaping with Rachael at the end of the movie.

    1. PS: Id also love to see it play a lot like LA Noir, looking for clues, interrogating witnesses, and causing a shit ton of havoc chasing replicants in your flying car!

  23. BTW Chris, relating to anime dubs, it’s most likely a matter of distribution contracts not alowing modifying the original content

  24. QOTW: it’s not entirely game related but I would love to hang out in Middle Earth. I’m not talking about engaging in intense battles here, I want to hang out in the Shire. Who needs epic battles against orcs and men when I could hang out all day and eat every hour or two! But seriously… How about an indie game following the Bilbo and later Frodo while doing normal stuff? A game with such a theme could start off during the events of The Hobbit. Join Bilbo as he cleans up his house in the wake of uninvited Dwarves! Once you get to the events of Lord of the Rings, it could be an Oculus Rift game about walking for days at a time. Try to stay awake long enough for Tom Bombadil to save you from Old Man Willow! There’s so much fun to be had!

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