Anime Watch: Terra Formars Episode 2, “Departure”

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It seems as though Terra Formars will indeed be going the way I expected–jumping around while telling its story. Starting with a pre-launch discussion then jumping to aboard the expedition, Terra Formars’ second episode offered more insight into the series deadly, rampant virus, along with a hands-on, spine-out showcase of what the Terra Formars are capable of.

The censorship remains, and there’s some laughable edits, but even through the black screens and revisions, the Terra Formars are an absolutely brutal force to be reckoned with. I mean, how many other anime (or films, video games, or TV shows) have shown someone rip out someone else’s entire spine and then slay those around them? Even Mortal Kombat hasn’t gotten that crazy with its fatalities!

I enjoyed this episode more so than the premiere, all because of the closing 3 minutes. We finally get a look at what the Terra Formars are proficient at: protection. How they get on board and what this means for the rest of the trip remains to be seen, but we can say that the crew will have more than enough practice and training to prepare them for landing on Mars and defending themselves there. We also get an understanding of what the Alien Engine virus is, when it started, and why the trip to Mars is happening, although I think they explained that last episode too–no harm in reaffirming why it’s happening, is there?

We’ve learned that the AE virus appeared 42 years ago, and has been growing exponentially for the last 20 years, but unlike other viruses, only affects humans–not flora or fauna. It’s a curious virus indeed, so the plan for Mars’ excavation is incredibly vital. However, with the unknown amount of Terra Formars also on board, and their daunting, overwhelming strength, will the crew even make it to Mars? Our co-captain of sorts makes it known there is a bit of a pecking order among the crew members, and she’s more than capable of handling a Terra Formar herself. As the episode ends, we’ve learned that there is an injection the Annex I team requires to combat the enemy, but it seems as though the enemies aren’t as mindless as once thought–they’ve seemingly demolished the stash of medicine before Hizamaru is able to get any.

Terra Formars Medicine

I actually like this turn of events, as it allows us to see the brutality of what the Terra Formars are all about. We’re not supposed to like them; they’re the enemy, but not pushover fodder. It’s a very refreshing change of pace and has me more excited for next week’s episode. It’s safe to say that there is more medicine around and Hizamaru and the rest of the humans will return the favor to the Terra Formars on board, but this shows how unprepared they really are and how much the Annex I team need to be ready for the true test when they reach Mars.

I was pretty cold on Terra Formars last week, mostly because of the censorship. It returns this week too, but I can accept it as a more straightforward sci-fi action show and less of a cerebral presentation. It’s always nice to sit back and watch a show that’s not trying to offer you a metaphorical message or speak on other levels; Terra Formars simply wishes to entertain.

6 thoughts on “Anime Watch: Terra Formars Episode 2, “Departure”

  1. I’m really disappointed in this show. It doesn’t come anywhere close to the manga which is one of my favourite currently running series and the heavy censorship really does neuter the show. The cockroach monsters are still pretty goddamn cool though.

  2. And with this second episode, I’m bowing out of this series until the blu-rays come along. Just can’t handle all that darkness, man. The insane gore is the biggest thing the show would have going for it, cutting it out is just ridiculous.

    On the plus side, Fate/Stay Night (which I assume you’ll be reviewing soon) is beautiful and a lot of fun.

    1. Indeed, Fate/stay night is in pending as I type, along with a review of World Trigger’s first episode.

      I understand dropping Terra Formars, but I unfortunately can’t. I have to see it through to the end; luckily it’s only 13 episodes atm, so I hope it doesn’t expand.

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