Anime Watch: World Trigger Episode 1, “Visitor from the Other World”

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World Trigger is one of Shonen Jump’s most popular manga that doesn’t include an orange-clad ninja, death gods, or pirates. It’s been a hugely prevalent series despite its short run from 2013 to present, but all series in Shonen Jump tend to make an anime adaptation sooner rather than later, and it was World Trigger’s time.

Unfortunately for this inter-dimensional, world-guarding police story, World Trigger stumbles right out of the gate and presents itself as a failure of a premiere episode. It doesn’t excite me to return to the next one anytime soon.

Directed by Mitsuru Hongo (Pilot Candidate and Outlaw Star), World Trigger fails to explain its world or premise in any sort of enticing way, and thrusts us into a scenario where we just see the Neighbors, the Border Police, and Kuga Yuma is. It honestly raises too many questions for it to be intriguing. I’m all for leaving questions on the table, placing the pieces back together over the course of the cour (season), but we’re left with way too many after episode one. And the cast is so unlikable that it’s hard to choose where to even begin caring about them. Yuma seems almost too childish to be even where he’s at, Osamu Mikumo seems too dedicated and strong-willed to even be bearable, and no one else is even shown. If I don’t care about the two main characters you introduced in the first episode, that’s a bad start, and prevents me from wanting to come back to the next. Of course because I’m obligated for you, the readers, to come back every week, I will, but I would likely have already dropped this, even before my “three episode” rule had been monitored.

There was little about World Trigger to entice me. The fights were over too quickly, and the while the action was messy (animation-wise)–just how I like it–I don’t care when they gigantic monsters are dealt with in seconds. Yes, it shows how powerful our protagonists are and what they’re able to do, but it’s over so soon, it’s just not fun or entertaining. Next week’s preview shows that we may get a  worthwhile villain, but I’m not holding my breath. At this point, World Trigger is on the low end of priority, but happily, only has one way to go from now until the end of the season: up!

I’m also hoping the composers can bring a stellar selection to World Trigger, since it’s a combination of Kenji Kawai (Ghost in the Shell) and Hiroyuki Hoshino (Code Geass) who have created several amazing soundtracks in the past. So far nothing in World Trigger has stood out as memorable, and I realize I’ve been harsh on World Trigger, but this was just abysmal to watch. Given that I only have limited time to spend time with so many series, I want to make all of them worthwhile every week. All that aside, be sure to keep coming back every week to Laser Time for more anime reviews, and check Crunchyroll for the newest episodes of World Trigger every Saturday.

8 thoughts on “Anime Watch: World Trigger Episode 1, “Visitor from the Other World”

  1. holy hell, I LITERALLY just stumbled across this while hanging out on the Kamen Rider Drive production site. Waaaaay at the bottom I saw a pic, and I went “what’s world trigger?” next thing I knew I was going down an interesting rabbit hole.

      1. that honestly doesn’t surprise me that the manga is better.
        it happens way too often that some stories don’t translate well.
        In the end I’ll probably just end up reading it but I’ll watch a few episodes to see what they’re doing animation-wise.

  2. Yeah I heard this one was a stinker. With Arrow premiering last night, and Constantine next week, I don’t really have enough space for a show that is middling. I try to give all the big shonens at least a chance, so maybe i’ll just check out the manga. My manga reading at this point is basically catching up on Pokemon Special and Vinland Saga so I can use a new series or two.

      1. No kidding. Especially in recent years where everything seems to be a highschool romance anime or takes place in a school of some sort.

        Vinland Saga is easily in my top 3 manga of all time. That’s a fucking manga everyone should read. Thorfinn’s character arc is probably one of the most organic I’ve read for a manga lead character.

  3. I checked this out when it aired and once I saw toei on it I knew to expect horrible animation its a shame too, because I’ve heard the manga gets good later on.
    Oh well I’m gonna keep watching in hopes of QUALITY.
    The animation feels like it was made in powerpoint do not watch.

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